Apr 6th, 2010

KoreanFlagLast month we told you how South Korea may block Android Market because the country’s regulatory system for games didn’t have a chance to rate each one before it was made available for download. It appears the solution isn’t that bad… but half as bad. According to Yonhap News, Google will remove the entire Games category from Android Market within the next month or so.

The move will be made simply to abide with local law, as implementing a system for the South Korean game board to review each game would essentially be impossible. Apple has done the same thing with the iPhone App Store in South Korea, although developers have tried to evade that block by submitting games to the Entertainment category.

Unlike the iPhone OS, Android has some potential to assist users in this case with downloads from 3rd party sources. Theoretically, it takes to give South Korean Android fans their fix of gaming on their device!

[Via UnwiredView]

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