Skyfire Browser For Android Alpha: Test It Out!


Skyfire is a popular mobile browser that lots of people prefer as their default for Windows Mobile. With any luck, an Android version of Skyfire will be arriving on Android Market pretty soon. The company recently launched Skyfire for Android Alpha, and you can sign up to be an Alpha Tester.


Here is a video of the browser for Windows Mobile:

If you’re interested in testing it out, I’d rush over there, as there are a limited number of spots available. Anybody still out there looking for the perfect mobile browser who isn’t happy with Android’s default, Opera Mobile or another currently available? Let us know how you like Skyfire!

Rob Jackson
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  1. a little to late all the spot have been filled since yesterday!!! thanks got me all happy for nothing lol

  2. @ G1toN1 – There will probably be more spots open when it comes to beta.

  3. i wanna know how to save web page in android to read later ??

  4. i had skyfire for my vzn vogue… was the best, if this comes out son flash will not be as important anymore in my opiniothn… ill use

  5. FYI, Skyfire is also available for Nokia S60. Not sure why only Windows Mobile was mentioned…

    Skyfire is a great browser.

  6. i dont have the time to be a helpful alpha tester anyhow, ill wait for beta.

  7. the .apk gotta be floating around somewhere!

  8. There is only one killer feature im looking for in a browser, Ad Blocking. otherwise its just another browser.

  9. What about flash? Does the alpha come with that? IF so i’d say thats a KILLER feature.

  10. just another browser??? what????

    Not even Close…..

    Say Hello To Flash (cough…..

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