Android iPad Imitation Looks Lovely – Would You Buy It?


Like it or not (the device that is), the Apple iPad will hundreds of thousands of units, in fact it already has and it isn’t even released yet! There is clearly a strong draw to the product, not only because of the Apple brand, but because of the tablet form factor that seems to have an emerging demand.

What if the iPad ran Android? Then you would have the following imitation device manufactured in the depths of China:

A bunch of specs were provided, although I couldn’t find a specific manufacturer, so getting amped about the 10-inch and 7-inch options with an April announcement is a bit… optimistic. Supposedly they’re in “early development” stages and to me that means a year off. Even if it does launch, you’re not likely to find one in the Americas or Europe unless you do some digging. I could be wrong, and we’ll be looking for a followup post from the source (which they promise), but my interest is in the concept.

Just FYI, here is part of what the iPaDroid supposedly comes with: 7-inch touch screen 800X480 resolution, 3500mAH 7.2V Lithium and a range should be strong, WIFI, 2 USB ports, 3.5mm headset jack, and Android.

Would you buy an Android version of the iPad with the above specs?

[Via Shanzhaiben]

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  1. Not with vanilla and not with a resistive screen(dunno if this has one)
    Id still prefer a touchscreen netbook….

  2. I’d much prefer a properly made Android based tablet rather than the iPad with Android on it

  3. lol i think you forgot the word “sell” in the first sentence.
    I’m not sure I’d buy an android version cause I don’t see the point of using such a device. I’m going to use the laptop excuse just like many others have and even though this device isn’t intended to replace the laptop but I have a feeling that’s what computer stupid people will do. Some people will find a big use for this kind of device but I think its trying to be 2 things (laptop and smart phone) and it just doesn’t work.

  4. Since I know how to read and write Chinese and the author was joking in that this iPaDroid is very left out because this little child (pad) doesn’t have the father since Google is leaving China…..Will it comes to fruitation? I thought that was an interesting comments so I added onto this blog to share with you all.

  5. I’m still not sold on an actual reason for this concept, like a larger smartphone but much less convenient to carry. It sounds neat from a techie point of view, but realistically, it’d most likely be stored in the bathroom replacing a rack of magazines.

  6. How do you hold it? Isn’t your arm going to get tired if you hold it as a mobile phone? If you put it on your lap, isn’t the angle wrong? Are you supposed to prop it up on something, so it’s like looking at a laptop screen? If so, why not just get a laptop?

    Still not sure what this sort of tablet is for, regardless of manufacturer and OS.

  7. If the specs were better then maybe.

  8. why bother, if you have a computer and a smartphone why get something that only does about half ofeach?

  9. @dave
    I can definitely see the point of devices like this. I often sit on the couch at home with my laptop just surfing the web, checking email, etc. I don’t necessarily need the full power or size of the laptop, but that’s what I’m stuck with. I doubt I’ll be buying an iPad, but I do see myself owning an Android-based tablet similar to the one in this article. To be able to have a lightweight instant-on device sitting on my lap to surf the web with would be perfect. The price has to be there though…that’s one of the major reasons an iPad is out of the question for me.

  10. I’m with G8D: I’d rather a touch screen netbook. Throw it on a dual action hinge so it can rotate around for the best of both options.

  11. They’re coming eventually in the not too distant future, ladies and gents. We’re just at the brink of many cool gotta-have gadgets like this. Gotta love Android!

  12. It depends on the specs. nvidia Tegra 2? Absolutely.

    It’s not really rocket science. how do you hold it? With your hands? I have an old Sony Vaio TR1A. When I’m in bed, I fold it completely “flat” and hold it the way I would hold this, when I’m browsing anyway. When I’m on the bus? I don’t use my laptop all, but I would use an ebook reader, and I’d rather have something like this vs a dedicated ebook reader. In fact, I’d like a device that will take the place of my Cowon D2 (audio + video player), Nintendo DS (games), and also give me ebooks and browsing and I’m GtG. Reduce it down to one device for me (or two, if you count my phone). I carry a messenger bag everywhere I go, so the extra size is no big deal for me.

    However, it has to be a compelling solution. My D2 currently meets my portable audio/video needs and I can use it with my mac (can’t do that with the Zune HD, which bums me out because I happen to find that piece of hardware pretty sexy). Gaming is just fine on my DS. Just a tablet running android isn’t going to get my panties wet.

  13. Justin
    >To be able to have a lightweight instant-on device sitting
    >on my lap to surf the web with would be perfect.

    If it’s sitting on your lap, you’re going to get reflections on the screen from your tv or other lights in your room. The viewing angle of the tablet needs to be good if you’re not looking at it straight on like you would normally with a tv/laptop/phone. Perhaps they’ll come with little cushions so you can prop them up on your lap to minimize those problems?

  14. There is already one much more interesting Android tablet coming out in June: NotionInk’s Adam!

  15. What I want is a dockable Android tablet… something that can work as an aPad when I want to go totally mobile, but I can also use with a keyboard laptop-style when I’m sitting in my easy-chair and I want to bust out some writing.

  16. Hell yeah! If its Android I will take it period…..for I am a Androiddict allday everyday!

  17. Android Microsoft Courier, For once Microsoft has got it right with the Courier Design and UI, Android could be used on it perfectly because of it’s intents BUT I do think the Android interface would need to be customised and not stock

  18. i am sure i would never buy such sophisticated device from china … chinese dont have sense for detail, … i hope google will do it with htc :-) … GOOGL NEXUS PAD :-))

  19. THAT would be great … and of coures i would buy it if google will be able to sell it here, not like nexus one – on is still just a big gray colored SORRY, not available for your country ….:-(

  20. Well, folks, I just bought one on eBay for $168.00. So, give it a week to get here (from the depths of China lol), and I’ll give it a rundown.

    I’m not expecting a whole lot as it only has a 2Gb NAND drive, but it does have an SD card port and 2 x USB ports, so I suppose if I want lots of “dongles” hanging off, I could really boost up the storage space…

    However, what I do like about it are several things: Light and portable; I can use as an Internet interface when out and about the house/yard; I can check my GMail without making a mad dash for my netbook or desktop; and finally, I think I can save “at least” $100 on an ebook reader of similar calibre AND have colour screen, and not that “e-paper” crud.

    I will admit, though, that I am curious as to the “fit and finish” of the product. We’ll see, eh?

  21. I would period. With Android.. all product that comes out of China will not be an imitation.. it will be original and not a clone..

    Think about that… and its cheap too…

  22. what is up with this one at ?

  23. I bought this Ipad last week and it is very good.It has all the features.Worth Buying

  24. I bought one, not exactly the same as the above pic, it only has 1 USB, 2G RAM, 1 mini SD Card Slot, cable connet to PC, Audio out, runs Antroid 1.6

    Sound: Bad quality, low volume
    Video: can not play rmvb smoothly, but youtube is ok
    Wifi: Work
    Battery: only run 2.5 hours, extremly heat when charging
    Touch Screen:Yes

    I like to use its ebook function(alot better than reading in my HTC), skype, msn, webmail, youtube and some little games, also i like the Antroid Market software that could download freeware onine and install easily. But i am not happy with its short battery hours, low quality of sound and can not play rmvb (or any) movies smoothly, but what can u say, its only a fake IPad of US$100~ In future I am happy to spend more to buy a better hardware spec Antroid IPad~

  25. Is it right to call it a fake ipad? Does not an open architecture and the possibility of standard USB / 3G slots make this something (potentially) better than an ipad?

  26. yes,i will buy one,In fact I have bought one from China.just cost $158,more cheaper than ipad.

  27. i have ordered one for $198 usd, i regret not see this message earlier.

  28. I HAVE IT!
    a usb port. :D

  29. “manufactured in the depths of China”… That’s funny.. as if an Apple iPad isn’t “manufactured in the depths of China”… What exactly was your point there? How can you be so sure Foxconn (or one of their captive companies) isn’t building these too?

    I’d much rather have one of these or something like it, running any version of Android than one of Apple’s overpriced iPads running only what Steve decides to let me run…

  30. 4. John wrote on March 31, 2010
    “…this iPaDroid is very left out because this little child (pad) doesn’t have the father since Google is leaving China…..Will it comes to fruitation?”

    It really doesn’t matter that Google physically leaves China. The Anrdoid Open Source Project (AOSP) is just that, open source. Anyone can take the code and build a device around it absolutely free. That’s the beauty of Android!

  31. #

    29. NoneRequired wrote on July 17, 2010

    “manufactured in the depths of China”… That’s funny.. as if an Apple iPad isn’t “manufactured in the depths of China”… What exactly was your point there? How can you be so sure Foxconn (or one of their captive companies) isn’t building these too?

    I’d much rather have one of these or something like it, running any version of Android than one of Apple’s overpriced iPads running only what Steve decides to let me run…

    Yes Foxconn is in fact the manufacturer of Steve’s I pads. I heard there was some suicides at that place where they make apples product. I don’t hear apple condemning the unfair labor conditions enough. But Apple is profiting wayyyyy more than the poor Chinese worker. I will buy a cheap Chinese knock off, they have the know how now and I will support the generic Chinese manufacturers since they aren’t trying to limit what I do with the product. Generic like a generic pharmaceutical it cost less. And China can grow some of the competition for Steve. I hope china perfects the new ipad for android. China doesn’t need apple, and neither do I. Hopefully this will get more people into the Android market as developers too.

  32. you can find them at kmart

  33. I bought one from china and its great

  34. for only 90.00 dollars

  35. I work in the Telecom industry and I see tremendous potential in these devices (especially android) if someone would design one that can be an “all in one” device.

    1. Cellphone w/Bluetooth
    2. Fully functional laptop software capability (and dockable)
    3. Video camera on face (for video conferencing [Skype])and at least 5mp camera on back
    4. Full access to Android Market Apps
    5. GPS & Google Maps Nav
    6. At least a 1ghz CPU & 16gb RAM w/64gb mini-SD
    7. Minimum 720p HD Video

    I could sell these to “road warrior” businessmen all day.

    Let me know when our friends in China or Taiwan have one of these, ok?

    Hay Joni, where’d you get the $90 one?

  36. i locked my touchpad andriod and forgot password is there any way to reset you can reach my at [email protected]

  37. i locked my touchpad andriod and forgot password can i reset it please help

  38. i really want that thing!! how can i get it in indonesia?

  39. Just brought a Ipad touch Android imitation,spec are Andriod 2.1 1ghz 10.2 gps,ext 3G+ext GPS and antenna,2 usb ports,2 micro sd 32gb each,ethernet port,camera,wi-fi,hdmi output,gravity sensor,support 1080p,ebook,on e-bay for 249 and free shipping item number 160510195778.Check it out the doc

  40. well , juz gv it a try!
    you wont lose everything!
    chinese already made lots of amazing things anyway…..!

  41. I would have to say yes as i have just purchased one that is similar looking although instead of 2 usb (why 2?) one is a HDMI out. Also my stats are not as good as stated and i only have one SD card slot. So if it was out and had a HDMI slot and one of the SD card Slots was a SIM slot I would BUY BUY BUY that is if its under the $150 mark LOL over $150 I would probably buy one from a mobile carrier or something else with a massive dual core cpu and all kinda of stuff the new ones have like dual cameras like a 1.5 MP front facing and like at least a 3 MP rear camera/camcorder with mic Anyway I am going off on what i would like but IMO i would get the 7 in version of this if it had just a few changes.

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