Pre-Orders: Legend, Desire & Xperia X10 Now At Vodafone!


Hey Vodafone customers – want a crack at sinking your teeth into the most succulent Android phones on the market? The HTC Legend, HTC Desire and Xperia X10 are now ALL available for pre-order!

Click on the image to be taken directly to each pre-order page.







So…. which one will you call yours?


Don’t forget to hit up the forum for each!

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  1. Desire!

  2. the plan is only $40 a month and you get a free phone? I officially hate Verizon

  3. Vodafone only seem to give a measly 500mb data/month! When will they realise this just isn’t emough…!?! T-mobile on the other hand gave 3Gb with my soon to arrive Desire B-)

  4. I would be waiting for the Nexus One on Vodafone if I lived where they have service. I’m not a fan of the Sense interface though, and I would want faster Android updates than HTC and Vodafone can offer.

  5. how much is the desire off contract?
    I can’t seem to find that anywhere
    I want to buy one and unlock it if they ever make a rogers/bell/telus/at&t version and I’m wondering how much it will be

  6. What about us here in the US. When can we expect these babies in our shores?

  7. When will the mytouch 3G with 3.5mm Jack be available with Android 2.1?

  8. When will the myTouch 3G be available with the Android 2.1 OS?
    Edward Compton

  9. Desire on TMobile minimum TCO on 18month contract: £404

    Desire on Vodafone minimum TCO on 18 month contract: £630.

    It’s quite easy to make your mind up which network to go to. The TMob deal is essentially a £400 handset with unlimited texts and internets.

  10. @ Samuel Maskell

    check out this website.Its unlocked and sim free.


  11. @Patrick C

    Everyone’s data offering is poor compared to T-Mo. My upgrade is due in June and I was considering switching networks but Voda & Orange data is only 500GB and O2, Virgin and Tesco are only 1GB.

    Also T-Mo don’t charge if you go over the limit, they just slow it right down until your next billing cycle starts.

    I’m thinking Desire on T-Mo when I get my upgrade.

  12. I’m more interested in the Nexus One than the Desire.

    I chatted online with someone on Vodafone who said that the monthly “fair use” can be negotiated over the phone when ordering.

  13. @Samuel Maskell: The phones have been on Amazon to pre-order for a while now

    I’m currently on Vodafone with my HTC Magic, and 500MB data is NOT enough, especially now I have Spotify and other music streaming. I really don’t want to carry on with Vodafone, but if those are the deals for new customers, the upgrade offers will be very tempting

  14. @bml

    The UK has always had very good mobile phone deals compared to the USA and even Europe. That’s what competition does. We have T-Mobile, Orange, 02, Vodafone, 3 which are all major operators. Then we have minor ones like Virgin Mobile, Asda, Tesco and others which piggy back off one of the major operators.

    Best deal right now has to be with T-Mobile where you can get the HTC Desire for £164 on a £10 a month contract which lasts 24 months for a total of £404. You can get more expensive contracts (higher monthly payments) and the amount you pay for the phone gradually decreases to zero. Just like what Vodafone are advertising here.

    However, the iphone still costs a fortune on contract.

  15. Why can’t we get some US release dates and what carriers besides everyone in the world, I still think people live in the USA not sure,, every time I go one,, Hong Kong, UK, Bolivia, Denmark, Egypt, is this such top secret that noone knows. As you can see I really want one of these phones and if you have not guessed I live in the US. And before you ask I don’t want the N1. Looking for the Desire on T-Mo or at this points the X10, but I’m losing hope. My G1 is running out of gas, LOL

  16. Its hard to believe that the X10 costs more on a contract than the HTC Desire.

  17. Got my desire today :) and cant play with it yet because it needs to charge for 3 hours :( These 3 hours are probably going to be the longest 3 hours of my life.
    Its a very good looking phone and feels great in your hands. The build quality seems impressive and cant wait to use it.

  18. can any of these work on verizon here if we were to order?

  19. @Alex

    Nearly every phone sold in the UK is a GSM phone. As far as I know, the HTC Desire, HTC Legend and Xperia X10 are solely GSM phones. From what I remember (as an american you probably know for certain) Verizon use CDMA technology and not GSM.

  20. mine just came thru de door on vodafone cant wait to switch it on

  21. i wnt to choose between the desire and the x10… can anybody help me please?

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