Black HTC Desire Unofficially Official For Orange UK


Chitter chatter on the twitter tweeter have led raised the “believe it meter” on Black HTC Desire rumors to almost 100%. After seeing leaked pictures of the “all black everything” device pop up last week, we’re now seeing Orange UK PR guy Conor Maples admit that the regular Desire will be available in early April with the black model coming in late April:


black-htc-desireWhile the exclusive black color won’t get you more than a warm and fuzzy feeling and perhaps some doubletakes, it surely is a nice finish. Only available in the UK on Orange, we’re wondering if other countries might offer the all black version on certain carriers and if they do, I can see it being incredibly popular.

When they say “Early April” it seems they weren’t kidding – ElectricPig is reporting that some re-and-e/tailers are receiving shipments of the device this Friday, April 2nd. Let’s hope they don’t arrive a day early with a surprise for a fool or two.

Will you be making the HTC Desire yours in the upcoming month?

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  1. Like it much better than the N1 beige.

  2. Although I can’t see buying another android phone without the Evo form factor.

  3. @gwlaw99 you are soo right. I feel like, it either has a huge screen or it is not worth my cash

  4. A black one is cool but I like my brown one.

  5. Will get one in the begining of april, hope they’ll send it the 9th as the shop says, but then it said 26. mars not long ago. I can barely wait till easter is over to play with this beauty of a phone.

  6. They need 2 bring a GSM version of this beast.

  7. They need 2 bring a GSM version of this beast,its goin 2 take more than 1 network 2 contain that thing.

  8. OH CRAP! I wrote the wrong thing EVO IS SO ON MY MIND…lmao.

  9. Is the Desire EVER coming out in the States?

  10. @ omac
    they will not do that. evo is exclusive. they will bring similar phone without wimax in a couple of months.

  11. I wonder when it’ll turn up on Orange’s website. It’s not even under ‘coming soon’. I phoned the other day (I’m almost out of contract) and the woman was surprised it wasn’t on the site because they’ve been told about it internally. I guess it must take a long time to update their website.

  12. Same as dave, my contract runs out in a couple of weeks and i’m waiting for it to appear on their website!! I am almost desperate to get my hands on this phone!

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