Xperia X10 Reviewed And Not Reviewed


I feel bad for Sony Ericsson and the Xperia X10. When the device was rumored it was immediately hailed as the hottest upcoming Android – everyone and their mother wanted to snag the device pronto. But since it was rumored and even officially announced, dozens of other Android announcements have come and gone, and now the X10 merely sits in a stack of has-randroids.


Sony Ericsson recently sent out a round of “review” units and GSMarena took the opportunity to provide a full review. Their conclusion?

HTC Google Nexus One and its brother from a different father, the HTC Desire, are just as powerful as the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 but both have some advantages over the X10. They feature the latest (so far) version of the Android OS, support multi-touch and have AMOLED touchscreens and a little bit more RAM memory. However, both can’t match the 8-megapixel camera of the XPERIA.

Had the X10 launched with Android 2.1 and perhaps come out several months ago, it would have truly shined. But now, its just one among many very capable Android phones, many of which simply outclass it.

This is exactly why Gizmodo is waiting to do their review – they don’t think it can’t stand up to the heat of the Android kitchen until it has Android 2.1 and a few important fixes.

the software is riddled with strange issues, and Sony Ericsson confirmed to us that when the phone’s actually released in “Q2,” consumers will be running a muchly updated OS. So! We’re gonna wait to we review the phone you’re actually going to pay money for.

With 2.1 the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 would certainly be catapulted into the upper tiers of Androidness, but by no means will it be regarded as “THE” Android of the moment, which it could have accomplished with a more timely release. Unfortunately for SE, it seems they have a knack for delaying their hottest handsets.

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  1. Poor Sony.

    They must know that there are some amazing android devices that it needs to compete with.

  2. Maybe if they market it for the regular user like some one’s grandma or chicks that just want a phone and can facebook? The android powerusers aren’t interested, thats obvious though.

  3. Believe it or not this seems like a problem for Android. It doesn’t seem like it because of the onslaught of HTC customized phones but it seems others aren’t finding it so easy to customize and maintain Android. Samsungs first shot sucked. Motorola did OK but can’t seem to get upgraded to 2.1. And their biggest selling phone used stock Android. Sony took forever to get theirs off the ground and still can’t get past 1.6. It seems like everybody but HTC is having trouble. And I bet its only easy for HTC after trying to customize WinMo for so long lol. I’d hate to see companies start giving up on Android. Its not like they have an alternative. But I’m sure they’ll try to find something rather than let HTC run over them like they currently are.

  4. Phil, what are you talking about? There are more new phones coming our with 2.1 INCLUDING the Samsung Galaxy S, the other superphone revealed at the CTIA. You might want to catch up on current events my friend.

  5. i think you are under estimating the x10. It has some amazing features through timescape. I have noticed very little lag to virtually none. I have a N1 also, and I think the x10 easily competes.

  6. Get it on both gsm carriers right away and subsidize the hell out of it. Also, do some darn advertising. Sony cant get anything right, thats why they are losing money bigtime. Looks like another motorola cliq type blunder, but at a higher premium.

  7. i dont feel bad at all. not even a tiny bit. SE delayed the phone like heck. they kept marinating that thing. a lot of people on this site and tech blogs predicted this outcome: that SE’s X10 would come late, overpriced and outdated in terms of both hard and soft ware. and look what happened? the x10 is officially outdated in both hard and software. HTC and samsung have already began making phones that record HD videos with batteries as robust as that of the x10 and screens as big the x10’s. if people in the u.s start getting their X10s around april, they will look like total fools when in june, galaxy s and evo get released with android 2.1, and yet their hardware outdated x10 still has not gotten passed 1.6. heck, americans would be lucky if SE fixed their UX lag issues by june, let alone move on to android 2.1

  8. To David Rietz, thanks for your valuable feedback as I am one of those who have decided to hold it out for X10 and see the outcome.

    I am still a little anxious, what with all this negative back-chatter about SE’s tardiness but I am hoping it will truly still be a superior design & experience. * Pray *… (my X10 comes in a a week)

  9. @David Rietz ok, I have a question. $5xx vs $1000 (or perhaps $9xx) … do you still think X10 easily competes with N1?

    To everyone. I’m really beginning to set my mind on the X10 Mini Pro over the Desire and the Evo (really, lol)… the main reason is it’s small size and keyboard. I was thinking if I can have stock android on it, (or if it’s going to be possible with cyanogen’s) what do you guys think? would you recommend it? I’m not a heavy gamer, but I love having a super phone. At the same time, I feel a rooted X10 mini pro can do everything else but having a 4g….

  10. Yousif, I recomend the motorola droid..it runs cirlces around the mini pro in capabliltie,its cheaper, and it will be updated to newest android (2.1)

  11. “Unfortunately for SE, it seems they have a knack for delaying their hottest handsets.”

    You hit nail on the head, those guys at SE need to be sacked. They seem to be from another planet.Who in his right senses would go for the x10 when the HTC EVO and the Galaxy S is around the corner.Even the Desire beats it hands down. Why announce a phone 8 months before its release…..insane.

    Wake up SE, wake up

  12. Well, mine will be in the mail one of these days. And honestly, I dont care if it runs 1.6 or 2.x, as long as it runs good. And you cant even compare N1 to the X10. N1 is “just” android, where X10 has alot more features to offer. And regarding all the HTC androids coming, well i dont even like their HTC sense. So im one of those few, who really look forward to be running around with an “outdated” android ;D

  13. I don’t understand all this love for HTC. I’ve had several HTC devices and never yet had one that didn’t have problems. I have a Nexus One now which is one of the worst phones I’ve ever used. The colours on the AMOLED display are dreadful, the screen itself is really badly calibrated and drives me nuts to type on, I have to periodically switch the screen off and on just to make it useable.
    The best looking device they’ve ever produced is the Legend, and for some inexplicable reason they’ve put it out with outdated specs. The Desire is basically a Nexus One (been there, done that).
    The Xperia X10 is actually looking very tempting by comparison.
    Oh, and I also had a Samsung Omnia 2 which I’d rather just forget about.

  14. This Website should rename itself to HTC phandroid..
    Have used x10 and nexus must say x10 is better than nexus.. camera in nexus is crap.x10 has gr8 camera
    media menu, sound quality,phone book all look gr8 and works fine in x10.. .If HTC makes a phone from shit and names it choclate.. Phandroid people will the only ones licking it

  15. I think, the SE X10 will sell well. A lot of people still aren’t aware of our beloved green robot. So let it be 1.6 or 2.1 a lot of people wouldn’t know, so let’s put the platform aside or even let’s say SE X10 packs 2.1, doesn’t it sound more appealing? Superior cam, screen size, 1GB Internal memory, etc… in my opinion it’s a very capable handset although a lot of people are right they should have released it earlier; before all this competition.

    By the way I wrote this using the HTC desire, that I received earlier this morning. So far amazing

  16. I’ve had the chance to test both the x10 and the desire at cebit 2010.

    For starters, the SE booth was a sad joke: It was like 10m² in size, had a small counter, a flatscreen and few devices to get a hand on. I even had to ask for the x10 and they had to reach for it (it was in a corner behind the flatscreen). The HTC booth was right around the corner and about 10 times bigger. They had multiple devices ready for testing (desire,legend, hd2, unameit).

    Marketing: HTC 1:0 SE

    Bad marketing but still a good device? No, it doesn’t get better. The X10 feels cheap. It’s glossy, it’s all plastic, it’s a toy. HTC devices come with a matte finish, are less edgy and neither look nor feel cheap.

    Look and Feel: HTC 2:0 SE

    Ok, marketing and look&feel are subjective but to compete with HTC SE would have to make this lack with better hard- &software.

    The 8mp cam sure is nice, but that’s about it for SE. And tbh, i don’t know many people who buy smartphones because of a camera.

    HTC 3:0 SE

    The x10 i had was loaded with 1.6, i asked for updates and they said it ‘may’ be delivered with 2.0, upgrades are planned but no ETA.
    Using it was okish but not as smooth as i expected. SE clearly has their focus on Multimedia, but left behind some productivity features in the process. The UI cannot even be compared to HTC sense.

    HTC 4:0 SE

    HTC has already won by now, but SE still has a chance to catch up… The price.

    After my experience with the X10 i gave it back and asked how much it will cost. The rep said 700€. I laughed and walked away.

    HTC 5:0 SE

    At that price SE will sell some X10 to multimedia jerks who want to show off with very expensive devices but that’s about it. The mini may to better due to it’s form factor but i doubt it. Most people want a slim phone, which the mini is not.

  17. I took one look at the X10 in comparison to the desire and since I don’t need an amazing camera it just didn’t seem to come top in any other categories. Less RAM, android 1.6… Sure the screens slightly larger but the Desire’s is a nicer display (amoled). It’s a shame, this phone looked awesome a few months ago.

    You received your Desire already Jo? UK right?

    I’m still waiting on mine.. :( no word from tmobile yet desipte them saying they’d email..! Grrr…

  18. Nexus One and HTC Desire having a superious display? Read this and think again:


    I think that the Motorola Droid and the SE X10 have a much superious display.

    And I think that I will like the multi media customizations of the X10 very much, they look like a welcome improvement over the regular Android music player / camera / etc.

    Multi touch? Overrated, IMHO. I have multi touch on my G1 (via CM Mod, and before via JF) and hardly ever use it. I don’t feel I’m missing out with the X10.

    I think the X10 will be a great device, despite coming later than wished for. A better device than their X1.

  19. The thing about the Sony phone which will probably save its ass is

    1) The touch/multi touch is probably going to be of better quallity and build than the Desire/Nexus One. I have a Nexus One, and although I love its form factor, its speed etc, that darn touch screen can be erratic sometimes. Not enough for me to throw it back to HTC, but mildly irritating.

    2) The camera is likely to produce superb pics for a smartphone. Even mt SE 810i produced crisp sharp pics compared to any HTC/Smartphone I have used..

    3) The general build of SE phones are from quality components, and battery life is usually very decent

    4) Sony music fidelity, I have found, to be of a superb quality, and for my personal tastes, far out strips the Ipod/phone, HTC phones sound reproduction, AND matches dedicated mp3 players out there.

    5) The UI is likely to be girly friendly, a major market for those phones, girls like using it, girls like guys who have it.. Although the large form factor may put off women purchasing this phone – DO A COOL AD SONY!!!

    For the the lack of RAM, is a major issue, running a UI like Rachel (or whatever) is bound to take up resources, i.e. multi tasking compromised for your other apps..

    With my Nexus1, I just click to the web and my last page just flicks up where I last left off.. Very convenient!

  20. @John

    This is the exact same pattern SE fell into with the X1. They previewed the phone to universal acclaim only to have HTC swoop in with similarly spec-ed phones before the X1 landed. In any case I disagree with 2 of your 5 points. It’s been confirmed that the X10 won’t support multi-touch in hardware and I don’t think the X10 is a very girly phone. It’s a very big phone, which isn’t usually geared towards the female market.

    If you already have the Nexus One, there’s a good chance that once the final version of the X10 is out, the good people at XDA-Developers will find a way to put Timescape on your phone.

  21. Ninte appan is right, it is starting to become “HTC Phandroid”. hahaha. yes. I do love HTC sense. Only other phone that’s gotten props from Phandroid besides HTC has been the “Droid”. Other that that, I hear complaints. Even about Samsung’s Galaxy S AMOLED 4 inch running 2.1. Motorola Cliq, Devour got dissed because they ran 1.6, but those phones are very popular here in the USA, and may actually account for a lot of Phandroid users.

  22. I was never that interested in the Xperia X10. From the silly name onward. Then when it was made known that they were less than the other Android competition the deal was sealed and I decided the X10 was definitely not for me. Sony has a lot of good stuff but they need to deliver if they want to go Android with smartphones.

  23. I didn’t want Nexus 1 unless it had HTC sense and different look. N1 is good (AMOLED..ect), but I bought the X10.

  24. SE Have made a big BooBoo. Check out the SE Blog to look at the angry fans as they have found out that the X10’s keyboard issues are because they used a cheaper out dated component which only supports single touch use so quick typing is out of the question for the X10 unless they recall the phones and replace the hardware.

    I don’t understand how they manage to mess up there own market success time after time after time.

    Bizarrely… i’m still buying one. I’m not a fats typist and dont intent to write a novel on my phone.
    Multi touch games will be an issue though :(


  25. @John – SE X10 will not get multitouch :)

  26. Is there a good reason why so few Android phones have a physical keyboard?

  27. TonyW made a funny. He maded me laughed.

  28. Nikolaj, are you kidding? “Just” Android? The difference between 2.1 and any flavor of 1.5 is huge. If the x10 debuts with 2.1 you might have a point. But it’s looking like that’s not likely.

  29. Its their own fault for taking so long. I get my upgrade next month (t-mobile UK) and have either this or the HTC Desire. It has to be the Desire. If the X10 had been released about 4-6 months ago it would have been the only choice.

  30. Sony lost me as a customer of 10 years.
    I had been waiting patiently for the X10 since November, because it was far ahead of the current competition when it was announced. Unfortunately, everyone has caught up & in all but the camera, mostly now surpassed the X10.
    I should be taking delivery of my HTC Desire tomorrow.
    I’m absolutely certain there are many more like me.

  31. @vlc

    Good point on Physical keyboards. At least when I had G1, I started using the on-screen keyboard more than the physical one. Still, there are some choices for a phone with a physical keyboard (Droid/Milestone is still thin,.. Devour, MotoCliq, backflip, G1 :)

  32. Could be a very bad marketing concept coming from SE, to not upgrade this phone with AMOLED and more RAM and without the 2.1 (2.2) Android Framework System.
    SE could do better with a phone by around ~530€. OK a Nexus One with very low quality Camera and sound but with enought ram (could be better)and the 2.1 with multitouch.
    When Sony would than comunicate (!?) that history between HTC (Google: Nexus One) and Apple about multitouch Licensed (hahahaha !) function on HTC Nexus One and Apple IPhone.
    Will result on waiting to lose less money. Why not but i will better buy a Nexus One from HTC as long avaible.
    Liberty on OpenSource side must be like the GNU Public licensed application not be touchable over patents else where the free OpenSource License as no right into this World ;)

    Hope on a XPeria X20 (with Android 2.X or 3.0) with 1 GB ROM, 32GB RAM (FASD SD CARD, DDR3), Qualcomm 2 X ARM9 1.5 GHZ , TEGRA II (Full HD, hdmi, 3D NVidia, …) and SE sound + 12 MB Camera and not a litle led torche but a good led flash -> The battery must be enought big (or solar cell covered phone ;)))

    Technologie as the price we will really pay for it and not for old technolgy things …. waiting is like sleeping …. Good Nigth.

  33. Hehe, nice feature-list Cal1sto, but if you care about picture quality and not just number of megapixels, you should not really wish for more than 8 in a mobile phone camera, which is more than enough anyway. There is a reason Canon went from 14 to 10 Megapixels in their latest top-end compact digital…

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