Samsung Galaxy S Announcement Presentation Video


Can I just say that I love the energy and excitement of JK Shin, President of Samsung Mobile Communications Business, who leads off the video of the Samsung CTIA Galaxy S announcement/press conference? The way he says “Samsung Galaxy S” makes me think the device just beat Jean-Claude Van Damme at the end of an imaginary movie called Bloodsport 2. Side note: Van Damme was recently rumored to actually be pitching that movie, the first of which was created in 1988, to production studios (without the Galaxy S winning).

Check out the presentation video from Samsung Mobile:

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  1. funny. you got 90 voters but not a single comment. I guess no one gives enough shit to discuss this.

  2. iPhone copy much?!?!?! almost identical to the iPhone, even the homescreen, WHYYYYYYYY we don’t neet another iphone samsung

  3. Yeah, way too much of an iphone clone

  4. I’m glad Chuck Norris wasn’t included or there would be no votes for the other options due to everyone fearing a round house kick to the head…

  5. dont like the iphone look, but the phone does look impressive

  6. The phone itself kind of looks like a iphone copy but
    definitely runs wayy different. LOVIN’ that SUPER amoled

  7. Way too much like the iphone interface, kills the android-ness of the phone

  8. Van Damme didn’t even know karate, he was actually a ballet dancer, They trained him to do fight scenes. He may know karate by now, but Steven Segal has practiced various styles of karate his whole life. But yes Chuck Norris would whip both their asses.

  9. i dont know why you’re hating it people but i think it looks great, the 4 inch AMOLED screen is going to be amazing

  10. It looks like an interesting competitor to HTC :D

  11. those complaining of the iphone like ui should remember that unlike the iphone this phone is open and skin able to whatever you want.

    i still think the evo is the new hotness but i wouldn’t mind having that screen on the evo.

  12. I think it’s not getting the credit and attention it deserves, because it was announced about the same time as the EVO. But I recall reading somewhere else that the specs included 8 to 16GB internal memory storage space, over and above the sd card memory. Isn’t that something very significant? I’m a big HTC supporter, and I think their designs (UI and physical phone itself) look prettier, but this phone looks like a very good performer as well, plus it has a Super AMOLED screen.

  13. Don’t know about you guys, but it will take Samsung years and years of excellent products to re-gain my trust in that brand again.

    One right step they made – ditched their own crap SW platform for Android.

    But looking at this presentation 2 words come up in my mind:
    “You suck!”. Because:
    – AMOLED screens are not a novelty on the market
    – 1 GHz processor clock-speed is not a novelty on the market
    – This Intergated-Immersive-Intelligent concept – HTC should sue them for ripping that one off. It’s both similar to the old moto of HTC and to the new slogan that promotes HTC Sense: Stay Close, Make it mine, Explore the unexpected.
    – They most of the time talk about all the features delivered by Android OS as if they’ve developed it themselves…

    Sorry Samsung, no credit for you this time. Go back to the drawing board and get us some excelling hardware, HDMI support and some innovative Android applications that REALLY can make a difference.

  14. I remember watching this movie as a kid, the scene where the “bad guy” was kicking the living crap out of the concrete pillar will always be imbeded in my head.

  15. @tomeaine

    Tompo was his name.. I watched that movie a million times.. The movie you’re thinking about was called Kickboxer. THe movie pictured above is Bloodsport

  16. Samsung has an absolute TERRIBLE update and software support history (I owned a Samsung before). As beautiful as this phone may be, I’m sticking to HTC or Moto.

  17. @ Jouten, IDK about you but Im starting to lose faith in MOTO ever producing an update on time……..who am I kidding I already did with the Droid.

  18. The hardware looks awesome but their ui is really, really bad. This phone is leaps and bounds above the behold II but does anyone remember that dog crap with the cube button? Ugh, Samsung need to leave their ui out of it. On a side note, back when I used dumb phones I had two different Samsung phones and they both broke within a year. Hopefully they have improved their build quality but that left a lasting impression on me.
    Wish my n1 had that screen though.

  19. Say what you want about software updates, but so far i have had an Htc Mogul, Touch, Touch Diamond, Touch Pro, Palm Pre, Samsung Instinct and Samsung Moment. the Moment is the most solid hardware implementation of the bunch, a well constructed device right from the start. Nothing else close, except MAYBE the Samsung Instinct, but the os there is not great. The Pre is the best software of the bunch but a horrible construction quality. Given the choice, I will take the Moment over all of them, and would get a Galaxy S in a heartbeat.

  20. @elijahblake
    hey, good call..I should re-watch that movie again..it was awesome even though I totally mixed it up with another movie.

  21. elijahblake wrote on March 25, 2010

    Van Damme didn’t even know karate, he was actually a ballet dancer, They trained him to do fight scenes. He may know karate by now, but Steven Segal has practiced various styles of karate his whole life. But yes Chuck Norris would whip both their asses.

    You are kidding right? Jean-Claude was not a ballet dancer, he was a gymnast. And he has also trained in martial arts since he started his acting career. But regardless, he has nowhere near the skill and training that Seagal has, but i’ll bet he can run faster scared than Seagal can mad =P

    Anyways, about this phone, btw, you all must not have payed close attention to the video, the galaxy S has a 1ghz APP processor, it also has dedicated CPU for the phone as well. It’s not an iPhone clone, it has a 4″ SuperAMOLED display, 16gb Internal memory, but also an expandable SD slot, which in itself kills the iPhone hands down. Other things this phone DOES and the iDoesn’t – Big @$$ camera on the back, and a little camera on the front, for video conferencing and self portraits I could only assume. Oh yeah, hey can anyone of you iDoesn’t phanboys tell me, how do you replace your battery when it won’t hold a charge anymore, OH, you can’t? That’s a shame.

  22. Just for the record, the UI on this phone is not samsung, it is in fact Android 2.1 OS, which can be skinned or modded however you want. Also Android 2.1 will have multitouch and pinch-to-zoom. Oh yeah, and you can make your own apps for android, can you make apps for iPhone, not without jailbreaking and voiding your warranty, Hmmmm…..

    Regardless of all this, I still have my Moto Droid and love it. I’m not sticking up for Samsung, I just don’t think it’s fair to say this is just an iClone.

  23. Want a better representation of this phone to squash your iDoubts? Follow this link and be amazed, by people in black clothing scurrying around like cockroaches! http://www.phonedog.com/2010/03/23/samsung-galaxy-s-android-phone-hands-on/

  24. According to that guy the Galaxy is THE fastest out there, is it hardware or that 2.1 that’s making it fast. If its the update, my Droid better be just as fast. If its the hardware then verizon and motorola should optimize versions of 2.1 to run on different android phones to make them run just as fast. Then again that could be why there taking so long to release it. 0_o

  25. @ Covert LOL and LOL again I thought the sammmething the moment I layed eyes on it….ut ohhh hhh…could there be yet another law suit…if Apple does not try to sue them this could mean Apples…full of fear of Android are HTC. So this would mean of apple does not try to sue then they are full of fear and crap.

  26. @ rOB like ahhhhh ummmm ahhhhh ahhhhhh you guys should like make a editor for post on Phondroid and stuff so that like typos can like be less and stuff hu hu hu that would be cool instead of me and others having to look like butt munches….lol

  27. @Kyryll
    “- AMOLED screens are not a novelty on the market”
    Yes they are not but the Samsung uses a SUPER AMOLED screen which is superior to the standard AMOLED.
    “- 1 GHz processor clock-speed is not a novelty on the market”
    The Samsung uses the ARM Cortex A8 1GHz processor(hummingbird), which differs from the Qualcomm Snapdragon seen in HTC phones. Combined with GPU the hummingbird can give 90M triangles/second where phones like the Nexus One only do around 22M triangles/second which is a nice performance boost.
    “- This Intergated-Immersive-Intelligent concept – HTC should sue them for ripping that one off.”
    Just like Apple is suing HTC for ripping off their ideas…
    The Samsung exhibits some great hardware when it comes to screen and processing power. Design/UI is lacking some originality. I dont find an HDMI port necessary since all video can be streamed through wireless without cables. I do prefer HTC Sense UI over Samsung’s UI.

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