Nimbuzz 1.4 Brings New Languages, Optimizations


nimbuzz14If you’re looking for one application to consolidate your many different chat and messaging accounts, Nimbuzz might be for you, and for those that already have it – they’ve just updated to version 1.4. In addition to support for 9 more languages (Chinese (Simplified), Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Italian, German, French, Dutch and Spanish), they’ve also provided an “auto-start” feature, LED notifications, quicker logins and other optimizations.

For those wondering what accounts Nimbuzz includes/offers connectivity for, some of the popular ones are Skype®, Facebook®, Windows Live Messenger (MSN®), GoogleTalkTM, Twitter, Yahoo!TM, AIM®, MySpace, ICQ®, GaduGadu, Hyves, StudiVZ, Giovani.


[Via Nimbuzz]

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  1. Yeah, just got an email, as i once wrote them how much it sucks that there is no “silence” message tone ^^



    AHH SHUT THE FUCK UP, every message … ^^

    But I’m stuck with Meebo for the moment, works good for me and I can easily login from from everywhere and got my History. Hopefully they won’t abuse my credit cards ^^

  2. Thats what we like to see.
    Having additional languages helps everyone :)

  3. The previous versions drained the battery like crazy, I wonder if they fixed that.

  4. No Jabber! Too bad!

  5. Fring, far better.

  6. @Jiri: GoogleTalk = Jabber

    But to be honest, why are they all creating software that does not use the internal phonebook? I do not want differnt phone books on my own cell-phone, i just want ONE.
    And why the hack is Google not supporting Transport to ICQ/AIM/… that would solve all the problem with 3rd party applications. Damm, so close to be good, but nobody is solving this last small issues.

  7. I contacting the developer and they informed me that they removed jabber support and have no intention of bringing it back.

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