MOTO BLUR Service Outage: Nothing Is Happenings


motoblurWe got a tip from Jason (thanks) who let us know that the Official Motorola Support Forums are ablaze from Motorola Android Phone owners relying on MOTO BLUR. Dozens and dozens of people are saying “Happenings stopped working” and essentially all of the MOTO BLUR related widgets and information streams have stopped updating.

It’s no small problem either: users are reporting that T-Mobile claims Motorola’s BLUR servers are down and that the issue is global in scope. Most of the comments verify the outage and everyone seems to agree that the outage began on or shortly after March 19th. Are you a MOTO BLUR user experiencing downtime?

T-Mobile has assured customers that Motorola is working on solving the problem and we have no primary source accounts of the issue – we’ll try to track that down. But my question is… now that you don’t have BLUR, do you miss it? There has been a varying opinions on BLUR, with my own opinion being if you don’t like it just remove the widgets, but I’d be interested to hear if folks who didn’t initially like BLUR are finding themselves longing for it during the outage?

It seems Castle from our own AndroidForums has pointed out the same thing – chime in over there if you’ve got any insight!

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  1. They will probably bring them back up soon though, after all this will bring them bad press.

  2. I haven’t had any BLUR problems on my Cliq here in the Southeast. In fact if I had, I wouldn’t have seen this article via my News widget. I have had some articles sometimes appear to come up twice as new, but that’s about it. My Happenings are all working fine.

    As for could I give up the BLUR, I could, but I find it so much more convenient. For all intents, my phone is my main computer, so I use it as the social hub that BLUR was designed to provide. Besides, even though I can use the myspace, facebook, and two twitter apps I have on the phone, but why go through all that when you don’t have to?

  3. Ah, relief. Down with this BLUR mess. Now if I could just remove all the programs and services running, I’d be thrilled.. =P (Sigh…AT&T)
    If I could have gotten around signing up for this “service” I would have. I don’t want it, never did, not from the first time I heard of the mess. But I don’t use MyFace or SpaceBook, or Twat people, or none of that mess. So I guess that’s why I couldn’t care any less for this “mandatory” service. Do manufacturers not ever think about more than one group? Obviously everyone must want BLUR and obviously everyone must not know how to use their phones and so we should lock them down. How about make an App for this Moto instead of hard-wiring it into the phone? And AT&T…sigh…we could go on and on… Just give the ones that know what they’re doing the ability to use this OPEN SOURCE device. Thanks! =)

    I don’t want the cloud syncing these devices do either…but that’s just me I guess… =P

  4. The joy of outsourcing!

  5. Agreed 100% with Zack. I`m sick of all these manufacturer “UI enhancements” that cripple an otherwise solid-yet-flexible OS. There are those of us that want Android plain and simple, not Motorola/HTC/SE/Dell/Whoever`s version of it.

    Maybe that’s what the Nexus one is for, but that really limits our options!

  6. A little late guys. This has been going on since Friday March 19th

  7. I haven’t noticed any problems on my Cliq here in the Mountain West. I just received an update on my Happenings Widget a few seconds ago. I like the MotorBlur add-on and use it frequently, but am not sure it’s a feature that feel I HAVE to have. It likely won’t keep me from looking around at other options when I’m ready for a new Android phone in a couple of years. And I anticipate there will be plenty to choose from at that time… :)

  8. I was unable to post a photo to Facebook yesterday and haven’t noticed any troubles since. I did notice the Blur service was not working with Facebook about a month ago, but the problem resolved itself overnight.

  9. No problems with Blur on my Backflip. Blame T-mobile for this one.

  10. This happened to me Friday for few hours from like 10pm to 12am est. I think that they may be upgrading their servers for 2.1+ Moto Blur??

  11. Working fine on the Backflip out here in the midwest. Love the constant burble of Twitter and Facebook etc coming through. I’d have missed so much stuff if I didn’t have it. Makes it so easy to keep an eye on things.

  12. GPK, that is a good way to get some rumors started, lol.

  13. I got my cliq XT last week and I have no problems here so far i’m loving the phone and the moto blur

  14. I have a cliq in chicago (tmo) and its been fine

  15. Seems like t-mobile is havinng a lot of problem lately with servers. From the sidekic problem a few months ago and now this? Do. The moto blur servers happen to be run by microsoft as well?

  16. works fine on my backflip in the SE. its works fine here. i did have a small problem posting a facebook comment but i also had very little reception so it may have just been that

  17. I love my cliq and blur but my happings or news updated are not working

  18. This is of course why I want nothing between my phone and the internet, and the ability to run whatever apps I want. I was in T-Mobile tech support during the sidekick outage, and remember thinking during Blur training that it was setting things up for another disaster.

  19. The MotoBlur services have been restored. It went out on my CLIQ Saturday (March 20) morning. I actually didn’t know how much I would miss it, turned out to be a good bit.

    Perhaps this was something intentional from Motorola to allow for the Android 2.1 roll-out with Blur?

  20. I don’t know what news prolems you all are haveing or app prblems you guys are haveing my blur is stright out the biggest pice of shit I’ve had every smart phone from tmobile for the past 10 years and never had a single problem with them but I can’t eaven count the problems on my blur its not their server some how and I don’t know how but the ruined the android opperating system problems: shuts down by its self, then when trys to power up freezes on the stick together screen, push the lock button does nothing, just a few problems to list email me ur problems and I’m takeing this to tmobile head quarters [email protected]

  21. I am totally lost w/ all my widgets not working. I will admit, the cliq was not the phone I initally wanted, but since having it, and being a networking person, I will admit I fell in love w/ it. I actually cant remember the last time (before now) that i logged into facebook/twitter/myspace to update a status. so its quite frustrating! they need to get this problem fixxed fast

  22. I’m enkojonao with diz cuz ma blur dsnt work since march 31 I hate it but I need it….. they r stolen our money sellin services dat dsnt work propertly and then when u call em they say we r workin on it to fix da problem but dsnt say when they gonna fix it and u have 2 way…… hope they fix it soon…. oh and upgrade da cliq to 2.1 come onnnnn daleeeeeeee

  23. I have the t-mo.. cliq and have not had any happings for over a week and its driving me nutss ….

  24. I called Tmobile to complain the happenings and news feeds were very delayed. Big mistake. They had me reboot, twice, 2 different “techs” (I use quotes because that title is a joke because they did nothing). Now I can’t even log my facebook account on the cliq AT ALL. Would have preferred to have late notices as opposed to none. I get “Blur service is busy” every time I try and they have no idea when it will be fixed. That’s the reason why I bought the phone…it’s like buying an electric car and being told “gee the wires weren’t assembled correctly, you’ll have to put gas in it.” Ridiculous!! Tmobile points the finger at Motorola. They did offer that I buy another “non-Blur” phone from them and give me a whooping $70 discount! Hmmm, just paid $180 for this Cliq last month AND extended my contract and they want me to buy another phone??

  25. i just bought this phone 2 days ago, and havent even expierienced the stuff the phone has to offer…i paid full price for the phone and its such bs that tmobile is pointing the fingers to motoblur…

  26. I just got the Cliq a week ago at first i could not even set it up as the Blur servers would not let me sign up. then i go signed up but no of blur services work!! o.O?? and T-mobile still says its and outage .. they had me hard reset the phone. Then I was locked out of the phone for about 6 hours tell i was able to re-register on the blur servers.. will not do that again.. i could not even make phone calls .. was stuck at the set up screen.. !!!! I hope they make some kind of announcement as to when they will have this fixed!!!!

  27. My backflip wont let me set up my happenings or my motoblur does anyone know how to fix this?

  28. basically you have to factory reset your phone. lose all your apps and another hour of your life to find what you have already downloaded. pretty cool right? Thanks Motoblur for being a pos.

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