Free Developer Phones Begin To Arrive!


Remember when Google promised free phones to developers with popular applications – a Motorola Droid or Nexus One to be exact? They’re finally making good on their promise, and to be honest, it didn’t take long. Brenton Klik, maker of the 2nd most popular flashlight app on Android Market (FlashLight), has just received his brand new Nexus One with a nice letter from Google.



For those with bad eyes who don’t want to squint:

Dear Developer,

We’re pleased to present you with a complimentary Nexus One – the latest Android-powered phone from Google. The enclosed Nexus One is ready to use right out of the box – it can be setup online either through a carrier network if you already have an activated SIM card, or simply over Wi-Fi network. The attached document provides tips and tricks that will help you get started on Nexus One. Also attached are pointers to resources for using Nexus One and developing applications on the Android platform.

We are very excited about Nexus One, and hope the enclosed unit will help you advance your development efforts on the Android Platform.

Best wishes,
The Android Team

I’m sure it’ll take a long time for Google to get all of the free phones out, but they’re at least beginning the process of chipping away. We’re eagerly awaiting ours so we can hold another contest! Meanwhile, we’ve heard some of the developers from the DC Dev Lab (promised the day before) are still waiting for theirs – we’ll keep our fingers crossed for you!

[Thanks Brent!]

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  1. I hope i got mine this week (in germany) bec next week iam in the usa and theres no one who can check my mail…

    and then the deliveryservice will send it back… !? Crazy!

  2. Thats cool.
    Must be costing them quite a lot to be doing this.

  3. And there are no instructions demanding the developer tape blankets and towells over their windows. What a difference in philosophy. Go Google.

  4. Now that’s a good reason to start learning me some java.

  5. EXACTLY lol i gotta look at some droid apk files ans such and start implementing my java and C coding skills

  6. Can you chose which Nexus one you want .. T-mobile ATT or Sprint?

  7. @Jerry. no it’s random. In fact all they say is youll receive a nexus one or a motorola droid.

  8. damn..
    I got into software engineering a little too late(just finishing my first year)
    I know what I’ll be doing this summer!

  9. I’m awaiting my phone as well and am very eager. My game, Stroids, has a demo version that fit the criteria for the market’s app dev seeding program.

    I’m currently working on some new core gameplay aspects for Stroids 2, and began development last week.

  10. It would be nice for those of us who already have a droid to have Google send us another android phone so we can sell it on ebay for double the MSRP lol

  11. I got mine! Unlucky for me, my wife answered the door so now I have no Nexus :(.

  12. Got mine today! Fuckkkkkk yeah!

  13. Anyone outside the us who got his phone right now?

  14. I got mine today. What happens after 30 days? How do I keep it activated?

  15. Hey, got mine yesterday. Tried to change the root email address and was asked to reset the phone. Bricked it. Anybody know how to reset it for wifi use? Only had the thing for a day. Thanks!

  16. I just received my droid from google today but it’s allready activated on the verizon network they won’t let me change it to my account and the thank you letter and all that says it’s a nexus one I am very confused

  17. I just got a droid that immediately activated on Verizon too (same as Ken above). I know from past experience if you get developer phones for Verizon they sometimes have service (which is really nice), but it will be interesting to see how long the service lasts. If anyone has or gets more details on this, please share.

  18. Okay I have a developer droid thats been active since april 4th which is nice but it’s still going and I can’t get any verizon rep to add it to my account – has anybody been able to convert a developer phone over to a normal account yet?

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