Mar 18th, 2010

android-tvGoogle pretty much owns your interwebz, they’re taking over phones of the world one-by-one, and now they want to be jammed inside of your television. As soon as THIS SUMMER, Google – in partnership with Intel and Sony – could be bringing Google TV to your living/family room television.

What is Google TV? A better question would be what ISN’T Google TV. Considering the Google TV platform is based on Android and will be open to 3rd party developers, it seems that once again Google is opening up another device to the imagination of the masses. If you can dream it up, someone can probably make it happen.

Initially I assume Google TV will cover the basics – web browsing, notifications, Twitter, YouTube – simply personalized web content available on your TV through a new age remote. Hint hint – that remote could probably be your Android phone if you have one, but it seems Google/Sony/Intel have already tapped Logitech to make peripherals like speakers, remotes and keyboards. But thinking about these simple integrations isn’t any fun. In my opinion the REAL fun is in dreaming up the truly innovative features that Google TV could make possible.

Here are a couple:

  • Real-Time subtitles and closed captioning based on Google Translate
  • Ability to see what your Facebook/Twitter/Etc… friends are watching on their TVs and jump over to watch with them
  • Live audio/texting chat rooms based on all other people watching the same program, or limited to your friends watching the program
  • Real-time voting with real-time stat tracking for programs like American Idol
  • Audience participation in shows in creative new ways

What are YOUR ideas for Google TV?

[Via NYTimes]