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android-tvGoogle pretty much owns your interwebz, they’re taking over phones of the world one-by-one, and now they want to be jammed inside of your television. As soon as THIS SUMMER, Google – in partnership with Intel and Sony – could be bringing Google TV to your living/family room television.

What is Google TV? A better question would be what ISN’T Google TV. Considering the Google TV platform is based on Android and will be open to 3rd party developers, it seems that once again Google is opening up another device to the imagination of the masses. If you can dream it up, someone can probably make it happen.

Initially I assume Google TV will cover the basics – web browsing, notifications, Twitter, YouTube – simply personalized web content available on your TV through a new age remote. Hint hint – that remote could probably be your Android phone if you have one, but it seems Google/Sony/Intel have already tapped Logitech to make peripherals like speakers, remotes and keyboards. But thinking about these simple integrations isn’t any fun. In my opinion the REAL fun is in dreaming up the truly innovative features that Google TV could make possible.

Here are a couple:

  • Real-Time subtitles and closed captioning based on Google Translate
  • Ability to see what your Facebook/Twitter/Etc… friends are watching on their TVs and jump over to watch with them
  • Live audio/texting chat rooms based on all other people watching the same program, or limited to your friends watching the program
  • Real-time voting with real-time stat tracking for programs like American Idol
  • Audience participation in shows in creative new ways

What are YOUR ideas for Google TV?

[Via NYTimes]

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  1. I would guess that they will use Android Market for pay-per-view.

  2. Analysis of watching habits, profile information, etc, with targetted, relevant advertising. This would be the biggest sell for advertisers.

  3. Coolirs 3D like UI for my Youtube video Search would be nice Touch!

  4. I’m thinking if I can bring up shows from A&E and NatGeo on their web sites, then bye bye cable. Add Netflix and over the air HD and there’s no reason to pay for TV any more.

  5. Phone calls (from your android home or mobile phone) that are shown up on your tv so you can accept reject them in movies …etc…etc.
    How about live video calling using a Logitech web cam, connected to your tv, via your android home phone. How about integrating your TV(s) with a home monitoring system: for security; for getting the latest weather updates while cooking; looking/having your email read to you (via TTS) while having a shave?

    Possibilities :)

  6. @su2lly – couldn’t agree more… throw in Discovery, Food Network, HGTV, and I’m done with Cox!

  7. – Who is that actor? I’ve seen him somwhere. ->IMDB
    – Nice skirt, Oprah! Where can I buy one?
    – What!?! He was SAFE!
    – Local news public service segment provides bar code for contact info to charity or event.
    – “Buy now and get a 10% discount!”

  8. Would be nice if a Android phone could turn the channel over or similar as a lot of people will fight over the tv using theirs.

  9. hope to get this update on the ps3!!!!

  10. if there is a google tv then i assume it will be running Chrome OS rather than Android, sounds to me that it fits its needs more than android

  11. Live machine translation would be amazing…

    Even though it’s nowhere near able to translate 100% accurately, just being able to get a rough translation of ANY programming would be awesome.

  12. @Maj:

    How so? Chrome OS is nothing more than a web browser… which doesn’t seem like it would be the best choice for a multimedia device.

  13. They could use, tv viewing habits to on demand targeted ads to you. I`m ok with not having to watch feminine hygiene commercials any more.

  14. Yeah my view would be Android TV version with Chrome as the browser. Google desktop integration for television with Android market. Live chat about shows and and programs on. Community games like 1 vs. 100 for Xbox. Basically something fun but also doesn’t stray too far from it’s main purpose which is a TV.

  15. yea android has endless possibilities (well not really endless. just many possibilities. so many that i resorted to say endless). android would be better than chrome os in this case. or so i would think.

  16. It seems like they’re going for everything… just wondering if Google is going after AT&T’s Uverse market share as well

  17. Gaming integrating TVs with Smartphones and the Internet?

  18. I love the idea of having a native YouTube program for your TV. Being able to view Youtube effortlessly and hopefully in full HD.

  19. @su2lly

    Netflix runs on Silverlight which is a Microsoft technology, basically their version of Flash. I’m not sure how well it would work on Android.

  20. One question-can it be rooted?

  21. I say it’s a bit creepy

  22. Who watches TV anyway?

  23. This is extremely exciting. Millions of people are still very much into TV and it will take someone with the reach of Google to finally break the old model.

    I wrote something about this on the Red Droid Software blog.—coming-soon-to-a-tv-near-you/

  24. @ Ted: Today at I/O, Google showed that Netflix will come standard w/ Google TV.

  25. Hi, phone calls (from your android home or mobile phone) that are shown up on your tv so you can accept reject them in movies …etc…etc.
    How about live video calling using a Logitech web cam, connected to your tv, via your android home phone.

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