Mar 15th, 2010

Please md-flagexcuse my transparent attempt to selfishly leverage Phandroid to ask Google a personal favor – Bring your Fiber-Optic Broadband Network to Baltimore!

I could go on and on and on about why Baltimore is THE place for this, but the Baltimore government has actually appointed someone – CEO of Mind Over Machines, Tom Loveland – as the official “Google Czar” to help rally support. They’ve got a website up at to promote their platform and I couldn’t resist lending a hand. There hasn’t been a shortage of exposure due to the Czarification and we’ve included some of the more interesting pieces below:

I know there are a LOT of readers out there from a LOT of places who would prefer Google bring their test-bed elsewhere. Feel free to plead your case in the comments and “write-in” your own preference below!