CLIQ XT Coming Wednesday, Getting BOGO Offer Immediately?


TMOtoday has published a trio of rumors today, stating that the Motorola CLIQ XT is arriving in stores, will start selling March 17th for $99, and will immediately be available as part of a Buy One Get One Free campaign at T-Mobile that they said would start today.

Internal screenshot regarding price/date:


Here is the screenshot they claim validates the latter of those 3 rumors (BOGO):


I would be surprised if a brand new Android Phone were offered as part of a BOGO sale, but I’ve been surprised before. Other Android Phones rumored to be included in that sale are the Samsung Behold 2, T-Mobile G1, T-Mobile MyTouch 3G and Motorola CLIQ.

Was anyone here in a TMO store today that can verify any of this occurring?

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  1. Bogo is true. ALL smartphones are included.

  2. Thats good.
    Means there will be more android phones on the market.

  3. yes I can confirm it. That is how i got my mytouch with the 3.5 jack was on the bogo program.

  4. will blackberry also be included?

  5. I wish I knew this on Monday. I just ordered a blackberry through telesales for my daughter. The sale only applies to the retail store.

  6. When is the liq getting 1.5??? the CLiq XT is running on 1.5 also. This sucks.

  7. Thats cliq not liq LOL

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