Dutch HTC Legend Blocking Apps In Android Market


legenddutchThe carrier claims it isn’t them. HTC says it isn’t them. And now many people are pointing fingers at Google for popular applications like Layar, Skype, Twidroid and ZXing Barcode Scanner not appearing in Android Market. According to Tweakers.net, HTC support is suggesting Google has blocked the apps:

HTC shows through a spokeswoman that this problem is recognized. “HTC is working with Google to resolve it.” Whether the problem lies with a blockade of Google, according to the spokesperson continues. Google was not in the short term available for comment.

I’m guessing Google IS blocking the apps – but not purposefully. We’ve seen the case where copy protected apps had been accidentally blocked by Android Market and I’m assuming we’re seeing the same thing here. Marco, who wrote in with this tip, thinks he may have pinpointed the issue:

What the article doesn’t say though, is that all unavailable apps are apps which use the camera, so it also could be a bug that the Legend is somehow untruthfully recognized as a device without a camera (this is purely speculation on my part). Anyways, it’s a pretty big issue and you might want to report about it.

Thanks, Marco. We did want to report about it… hopefully Google and HTC can resolve this matter swiftly as I’m sure plenty of Dutch Android users are wanting to these epic apps.

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  1. Strange situation, hope this get’s solved quickly for the Legend users around here in The Netherlands.

    Guess it has more to do with a bug or something like that than a blockage of Google, but who knows…

  2. Its strange that there is a bug but saying that, it is a new device.

  3. Yeah, and for us having HTC Hero handsets here in Holland, instead of receiving our Android/Sense 2.1 update today, HTC announced we now have to wait until April, and that not all the features found on the Legend will be there. I’m seriously considering a custom ROM and feel a bit stupid about waiting for the official release.

  4. How I set up yahoo
    mail on a apparently for the Droid

  5. Maybe they shiped the wrong phones and this order was meant for IT&T :)

  6. That is happening here in the US as well with the new MyToch 3G with the jack. I have about 30 apps that are not available there are on the G1 and tmobile won’t take responsibility for it and google does not respond. But I know from the fourms google and t-mobile that this is an issue!

  7. The process for ‘enabling’ Android market for new handsets seems to be broken. Pretty much every time a new handset from anyone except Google is launched, they have problems accessing some apps in the market. Each time it seems to be Google’s problem and they need to get it sorted once and for all.

  8. It does happen once in a while. When I got my Hero, I read up on a few free apps that had been around for a while (meaning that they should certainly be in the Market). I searched for them (2 examples: Car Mode, TaskPanel) and they were nowhere to be found. Few months later, I searched the Market for fun, and there they were. I’m guessing there was some problem with how they had been categorized.

  9. the problem is nobodies blocking anything. it’s not a catergorize problem either. this stuff happens. it goes with getting apps over the network. if we had a desktop app that would allow us to download apps it’d be better. but then we’d be an iphone and i don’t want that garbage.

    get yourself a backup app and backup all your favorite apps so when things like this happen and you do a wipe you’ll still have that app. we’re on a cell network guys it’s not the greatest thing for data tranfer but hey atleast i don’t have to wait to get home to download an app. i have over a gig of apps backed up on my sdcard some i use all the time. others are useful sometimes. but all at a moments notice can be installed if for some reason i can’t find it in the market.

  10. Is the HTC Legend already released in The Netherlands? I thought it would arrive somewhere around the end of march?

  11. Sjoerd: The Netherlands got it earlier then most other countries.

    Anyway, the apps can still be installed from outside the market, right?

  12. @robert:

    “the problem is nobodies blocking anything.”

    Check this: http://phandroid.com/2010/03/16/canada-gets-paid-apps-in-android-market/

    These problems are invariably problems with the Android Market configuration and nothing to do with “stuff just happening”

  13. I managed to install a missing barcode scanner using the .apk package. But this method doesn’t work for Layar.

  14. I seem to have exactly the same problem here in Belgium. Hope we don’t have to wait as much as Canada had to wait for their paid apps.

  15. I have a Nexus one in Holland (imported from US unlocked) and I have two of the above mentioned apps downloaded from the Market and using extensively.

    I am wondering how come this is blocked in the Legend but not on Nexus if this is a bug!!!

  16. That’s not good….. Apps is the best thing about the HTC Phones!

  17. I’m in Belgium where the Legend was also released 1 week ago and I can confirme the same issue…

    ALso had to install barcode scanner using apk file.

    Pretty mush all cool apps are not available on the market for some evil reason.

    Very frustrating

  18. @n0mad: We belgian people have only access to free apps. E.g. I could install the free Twidroid succesfully.

  19. Same problem here in Portugal with the legend. layar support says it is a problem with the camera of the legend and that they are working on the issue.

  20. @Jochen Layar is supposed to be free .. So is Wikitude … So is Barcode Scanner … So is Skype …

    Anyway have a look at http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/Android+Market/thread?fid=683d89c4f4fd4593000482b22ede9658&hl=en

  21. Same rotten problem in Denmark! Cam’ on, Google!!

  22. …and in Norway.
    Hopefully they will fix it soon!

  23. Currently there is a problem with the camera in the HTC Legend with Layar: http://layar.com/layar-is-not-available-for-the-htc-legend-at-this-time/

  24. And in Sweden. Been sitting for several days now wondering why many apps are not in the market, which many rank a must to install on android. While other apps like Prisjakt require Barcode Scanner from Market but it is nowhere to be found (downloaded it from the net and installed with HTC Synk.

  25. Not only Dutch legend users — ALL Desire users have the same problem. See here for the full story:


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