Nexus One Lite/Cheap Flying To India?


nexus-one-indiaOften times manufacturers will take a high-end handset, make it smaller, slightly lower the specs, slap a name like “Lite” or “Mini” on it, slash the price and call it a day. Sony Ericsson is doing something similar with the X10 and we’ve seen Samsung do it with the Galaxy. But it happens everywhere. Now, thanks to a rumor from TechTree, we’re wondering if the same thing will happen to the Nexus One on its way to India.

The rumors are suggesting that the phone, which will be targeted towards developing markets where consumers have less disposable income, will keep its 3.7-inch screen but with a slimmer frame and less fancy innards. Whether it will be called the Nexus One, Nexus One Lite, or something else remains to be seen. And to be honest, whether this rumor holds any weight remains to be seen as well – it doesn’t seem like the most likely of scenarios but in this industry we’ve learned anything is possible.

[TechTree via A&M, Slashphone]

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  1. Should be called the Nexus Zero Point Five.

  2. Why will someone buy a stripped down version of Nexus One.

    Their are plenty of less powerful phones in market, so why will anyone buy Nexus Lite.

    What they should rather focus is right pricing, aggressive marketing and even more powerful phone.

    Anything less will be not acceptable.

  3. Or, the Nexus “How can I assist you in assistance today, please?”

  4. @Tyler, are you trying to be funny

  5. Well, quite frankly i don’t believe this story. There are phones which retail above 40,000 and they are going very well in India. Search for figures and you will know what i am saying.

  6. I wondee if they will make the phone smell like indians and all there curry dishes so it’ll fit in better. They should call it the Nexus Abbu rofl

  7. @delphi,

    smell like indians and curry dishes..??? is that all you can think of?

  8. The racial jokes are far from amusing, i agree with Rahul, there are other phones with less horsepower/specs than the nexus 1

  9. I can see the Nexus One Lite phone being a viable competitor in the market. It would probably cannibalize further sales of other HTC phones; I would see this as the replacement for the HTC Hero.

  10. Lol if it’s the same type of transformation as with the Samsung galaxy, you can count me in.

    33% faster cpu, 25% lower price :D

  11. Have seen how Indian dishes are finger rollicking and has nothing to do with phones…need to reboot your hard disk Delphi.

  12. Unless the Nexus One is aggressively marketed and/or proper pricing is chosen for Indian market, I do not see if it can mark its entry in Indian market specially when most of the mobile users in India being not that big fan of Google or Android yet. I expect Google to chose its strategy based on the market behavior.

  13. but no info on price? for a price sensitive market?

  14. why india map is like this,, there are some part missed in jammu and kashmir,,

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