TELUS Milestone Rooted (Kinda)


motorola-milestone-telusRooting the Motorola Milestone has been a somewhat impossible task given Motorola locking down the bootloader. I say somewhat because some folks at AllDroid have managed to gain root access on the TELUS Milestone, albeit without kernel access.

A good start is better than nothing and there are some directions on how to root the TELUS Motorola Milestone over at AllDroid. I find the poll at the top quite humorous: “Did this thread help any” with the choices all answering questions with questions… onf of them “Did you brick your phone”? Feel free to try this out yourself, but if you have to answer the question with the question we noted – don’t blame us!

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  1. Wasn’t the milestone already rooted?

  2. was not rooted

  3. Lol
    i have a german milestone and its rooted Oo
    is the telus milestone different???

  4. my g1 got an update this morning. anybody know what this one was about?

  5. bam2000: to answer simply, yes.

    The 2.0.1 patch is of a different build which lacks the exploit needed to root.

  6. Has anyone successfully been able to get a Telus Milestone working on the Rogers network? I’m assuming a locked milestone only works on the Telus network, and that rooting it will allow 3G access to any network using the same bands (which Telus and Rogers do).

  7. Well done to them for keeping it non root-able for a while but its good that its going to get rooted.

  8. Athir: Mine is working on rogers right now. SMS, 3G and calls work no problem.

    All you need is to unlock it (http://www.mobileincanada.com/?l=en&u=all sells codes which I can personally confirm to work)…

    …and add Rogers’ APNs. Here’s how: http://thekidd.ca/blog/2009/05/rogers-apn-configuration-for-android-phones/

    Rooting doesn’t do crap in helping you getting it to work on Rogers AFAIK. Mine isn’t rooted.

  9. With this business with the bootloader being locked on the Milestone, I’m wondering if the 2.1 update for the Droid will lock it up so that it will be extremely difficult to root.

    Given that risk, which I think is real, I am thinking of rooting before that 2.1 update comes out for the Droid.

  10. Hey Rob, not to fall out of subject, but what im about to write has to do with Android, the LATEST mytouch phone, the myTouch 3G 1.2 (3.5mm phone). there is a rather alarming problem with these new phones,I, being an owner of one, speak on behalf of every user who has purchased the latest myTouch. WE CAN’T SEE PROTECTED APPLICATIONS ON THE ANDROID MARKET!!! It supposedly has to do with the BUILD number of the phone, mind you, its running 1.6 stock, android market is the same,not much of a difference, except the 3.5mm headphone jack and more memory. some of these applications are paid AND free. here are some which don’t currently show up for us myTouch 1.2 users: Chompsms (free), some digital clock widgets, Mybackup Pro, Weatherbug Elite (both paid and protected). what bugs is me some of these applications are free, can’t see the reason to slap a Protected label on it. nevertheless, this issue has been addressed on the T-Mobile Forums and we opened up a post on Google so hopefully this issue gets resolved in time. Just letting you know since ALMOST every Android fanatic and user reads this website including moi of course (congratulations on that, would like an article on this issue so more people could be aware of this inconvenience and the problem could be solved PRONTO!

  11. Hey guys,
    We have a massive post fighting Motorola over this locked bootloader, please join the official thread on the Motorola blogs. They are beginning to listen, but we need to continue putting pressure on this issue – the bootloader isn’t locked on the Droid afterall!

    Here’s the thread:


    Please join the fight!

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  13. @jeff47
    i had the same problem with my g1 when i first rooted, you did something wrong in the rooting process, unroot your phone by flashing back to RC29, and begin the root process over from there. also, it depends on the ROM you’re running. im running dev phone 1.5 firmware on my standard g1, and JFs 2.6 kernal. you’ve essentially just gotta find what works for you.
    shoot me an email at [email protected] if you cant get it, and ill try and help

  14. @ lynx, its running 1.6 stock, haven’t rooted. had a G1 1st, then the original myTouch, now the newest one. It’s a problem with all the new ones, has to do with the build.prop supposedly

  15. Telus milestone has not been rooted yet! I wouldnt bother with this half root!

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