Nexage Android APIs Offer Devs Additional Revenue Streams


zeropoint_logoSo you’ve got an Android application that pretty much kicks but and haven’t monetized it and don’t want to charge for it in the market. We all know ad-supported apps are a go-to model for monetization and to be honest – they’re one of my favorites. Integrating them in a non-intrusive manner can even AD value to the app, especially when you’re talking about geo-targeted coupons and whatnot. Now developers have another method of monetization through a company called Nexage.

AdMax is a mobile platform owned by Nexage that pulls ads from over 35 mobile ad networks, ensuring developers a large pool of potential advertisers that should help maximize the targetability and fill-rate. New APIs the company is offering allow devs access to location-enabled ads, expandables, native video player ads and more. I’m sure users don’t like hearing that more ads will be in more apps, but done tastefull I think its MORE than acceptable. Especially considering you’re getting your apps for free.

The company put out a Press Release, which I’ve included below. Developers out there take note!

Nexage Announces Mobile Ad Support for Android Platform
Nexage’s New Android SDK and Android API Give Developers Tools to Serve Ads to Android Apps, and Better Monetize Mobile Advertising on the Android Platform

BOSTON, March 10 /PRNewswire/ — Nexage (, a leading provider of mobile advertising yield optimization and mediation solutions, today announced the immediate availability of the new Nexage Android SDK and an open API, providing flexibility for developers to create Android-based apps capable of serving mobile ads through AdMax, Nexage’s mobile mediation platform.

Nexage’s Android SDK is easy for developers to integrate, and supports all mobile ad formats, including local advertising for location-enabled applications, expandables, native video player, and more. Leveraging Nexage’s AdMax Gateway, which sends ad requests to more than 35 mobile ad networks worldwide, the Android SDK delivers the most inventory fill at the highest effective CPM. Nexage also exposes an API to developers who want to implement custom ad treatments in apps on any platform. More details on these two approaches can be found at

“Our new Android tool will help advertisers and publishers capitalize on the explosive growth of the Android platform,” said Dev Gandhi, CEO of Nexage. “Furthermore, our AdMax ad-optimization service ensures that publishers generate the maximum revenue from their mobile properties – on Android and other major mobile platforms including Blackberry and iPhone. Nexage is focused on providing publishers and app developers with the leading single source mobile yield optimization solution, bridging the disparate mobile platform silos.”

At CTIA Wireless in Las Vegas, Nexage will host a tutorial and Q&A for developers on launching Android apps with the Nexage Android SDK or the open API, in booth 6529-A at 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday, March 23.

About NEXAGE, Inc.

Nexage is a leading developer of Mobile Advertising solutions that enables companies to maximize advertising revenue from their mobile properties. The company’s leading product is the AdMax, a hosted advertising optimization service that enables carriers and media companies to fully control and maximize the monetization of their mobile channels. It has been demonstrated to serve text, banner, in-application and video ads with higher fill rates and effective CPM than could be achieved previously. Currently, AdMax powers mobile ads for a number of top-tier publishers, broadcasters and operators. Additional information is available at

These companies getting involved with mobile advertising networks are going to be making BANK in a few years from now. And mark my words… a bunch of these more “start-uppy” type companies will be getting acquired for handsome amounts. Also beautiful and sexy amounts.

[Via Press Release]

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