Vacuum Android Game To Reward Players With Cash Prizes


Although Android Developers Challenge 2 was much less noteworthy/newsworthy than the first contest, it still produced its fair share of awesomeness. One game that made the Top 20 was called Atmosphere: The Training Mission, produced by development team Door-6. Now they’ve created a follow-up game called Vacuum: The Global Competition and they’re claiming it will have “real cash prizes, coming March 15th”!

Here is a demo of the game in action:

Look for Vacuum on Android Market in the near future and get to practicing so you can win some of that sweet, sweet cash. I’m sure details about the prizes will be announced in the coming days/weeks – stay tuned!


Rob Jackson
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  1. oh, i can’t wait to but my HTC Desire. I will download this game for sure.

  2. the game looks fun, but I don’t see how cash prizes are going to work.
    will still be worth playing though

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