LG LU2300 Shows Face, Looks Pretty


We told you a little bit about the LG LU2300 in late February and its eagerness towards augmented reality. What we DIDN’T show you was a picture of the phone which, that same day, popped up at MobileTechWorld. Luckily the guys at IntoMobile are on the ball and dug it up from the “not-too-archived” archives:


The phone is set for a domestic Q2 2010 launch which, unfortunately for most of us, means if you can’t read the text to the right of that cute little robot above you’re not likely to have the LU2300 as a purchase option. Shucks.

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  1. It reads “The Oz android is coming to see you soon.” I saw in korean website. The phone has snapdragon 1Ghz and eclair 2.1 is ported on the device. Also, the device has the qwerty keypad. Later, one without the pad is coming out (1.2cm thin). Nice.

  2. Looks pretty?? No way…Look at the bezel on that thing. No thanks.

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