LG LU2300 Android Phone Features Augmented Reality


lg_logoAccording to Telecoms Korea, LG plans to ship its new LU2300 with augmented reality services built-in. Rumored to launch in Q2 of 2010, the phone will display information about objects that the camera has in focus. For example, if you aim your camera at a particular building, information about it and its history will be displayed.

The augmented reality services will not be that different from an apps you’re already familiar with- like Google Goggles and Layar. Goggles allows users to take photos of objects, logos, and bar codes for more information and price comparisons while Layar allows you to see additional information about a place through your camera’s “viewfinder”. However, it is still unconfirmed whether or not the phone will ship with Google Goggles or a more in depth augmented reality application created by LG.

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  1. Well dam android is like the energizer bunny huh? Only thing different is that as it continues going it gets better and better. I reallly think android will be the number one OS I mean its looking like its just not ganna stop coming out with new and better stuff anddd the new and better stuff looks like its only going to get bettered by newer and better android stuff….I sho hope that made sense….

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