Germany To Get BLURRED By Motorola Backflip


Germany hasn’t yet got to enjoy the love/hate relationship between Motorola’s BLUR Android build and the people loving/hating it – but they soon will. Motorola Europe’s Facebook page has just announced that the Motorola Backflip is headed to Germany. One would THINK this to be an exciting development, but comments suggest otherwise – they’ve only got the Droid/Milestone mishap on their minds:

moto-bootloaderComments continue in the that fashion for awhile. Twenty-four comments and counting, I can only imagine how many people would have clicked the “DISLIKE” button if it existed (get on it Facebook).

Is this Motorola Milestone Bootloader issue more important than the launch of a new Motorola device – the first with Motorola BLUR – in Germany? I realize only a small population of our readership is from Germany but that doesn’t mean your opinion counts any less (keep in mind bootloader info would theoretically allow root MOD). Not to mention the bootloader issue is an entire European problem if I’m not mistaken.


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If there are folks who feel REALLY strongly about this and would like to write a “guest” article, perhaps I’ll compile all the responses/articles I get and make one big Milestone Bootloader plea article. But if you do, PLEASE use “Bootloader” as the subject and send it to my first name at this website dot com.


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  1. The Facebook comments shouldn’t surprise you. Motorola was hard at work to crush their reputation (what little was left, he) in Germany and other countries in Europe.

    The whole 2.0.1 update fiasco is just one example. Their arrogant attituted towards customers who’d like the Milestone to have an open bootloader just as the Droid has is an other example.

    In a nutshell: We couldn’t care less if Motorola tries to sell an other Android handset or not because most of us have decided that our next handset will be manufactured by HTC. Besides, the device is fugly…

  2. please, have a look on this site to understand the problem: Motorola “Milestone” the smart-phone with a clear limitation!

    feel free to publish this article on your homepage.

  3. Hi,

    Take a look at this article which the German Milestone Community at wrote.

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