CLIQ XT $129.99 At Launch?


If you’re craving some non-keyboard CLIQ action then the Motorola CLIQ XT on T-Mobile is your guy and TMOnews has evidence of the potential price. Based on this leaked screenshot it looks like the CLIQ XT will cost $129.99 with a 2-year contract/rebate and $329.99 if you want nothing but the goods:


Another neat note – you won’t need a rebate with a data plan and since you’re getting an Android phone you had better be picking up a data plan or you’re certifiably insane. Not too much longer until this rumor gets proven correct or debunked – launch day is only about a week away.

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  1. $200 for an HD2 with a contract…I guess thats what was expected anyway.

  2. Just wait the price will drop.

  3. I keep thinking it should be named the Motorola Clit.

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