Feb 23rd, 2010

shaun-whiteEarlier this month the iPhone 3GS was devouring the Motorola Droid for both Gadget of the Year and Smartphone of the Year in the Engadget Awards. We asked for your help to rally the troops and it looks like it paid off: the Motorola Droid has won the Gadget of the Year, Smartphone of the Year and GPS Device of the Year in the Reader’s Choice Awards. And oh yeah, Engadget Editors selected the Droid as Gadget of the Year and GPS Device of the Year. Even though the iPhone 3GS took the Editors’ “Smartphone of the Year” the iPhone is obviously a gadget too, and since the Droid won the overall gadget award, they probably just wanted to spread the love.

There are a million different “awards” events, shows and contests when it comes to end of the year results, but there is no doubt that Engadget is one of the biggest and most influential tech sites on the planet; what they say matters. And it isn’t just their editors – with outrageous readership numbers, the “Reader’s Choice Awards” are equally important in terms of taking a cross-section of the tech-loving public. Take into account their history of rampant iPhone fanboys/commenters and I think you could say the gadget/smartphone tide is turning.

CONGRATS ANDROID LOVERS! Your platform is no longer STARTING to get the love and respect it deserves – it already has. Now onto bigger and better things like taking over the world. Muahahaha.

By the way, I photoshopped that picture of Shaun White and his fellow medal placing American holding up the Droid just so I could somehow randomly fit in the need to tell you should watch his Half-Pipe performance if you haven’t yet seen it. You can see a bunch of the videos here.

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