Google Goggles Released


…and it is awesomely fun! As you know news recently broke about Google Goggles, aka Visual Search. Well this app is now available in the Market.


Now, I haven’t had a whole lot of time to play with it because, well you know, I need to get to publishing this article and all – but what little I have done made me smile. It made me run over to coworkers and demand they see it in action.  I’ve scanned a couple books, and some Lysol wipes. Even a Geico ad and not a one failed me.

It even has a cool way of analyzing to make you say “ooooo” and “aaahhh” while it does its thing.

Check it out and tell us what you think!

Android 1.6+

Thanks Jef!

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  1. Meh. I did some very random things. Nothing like a building etc. I’m not impressed yet. The first thing I snapped was Aquafina bottle. Of course it got that. Then I tried the front of a notebook which is made by Tops and has NOTEBOOK printed across the front with a bar code also located on the front. No go. Then I snapped a DLINK router, I didn’t think it would get that, and I was right. Then I snapped my wife’s picture to see if it would detect her facebook page (I was shooting in the dark) again no go. But it did show me other pictures of people wearing pink (which is what she was wearing in the pic, and it did realize it was a picture). The real test will be out in world not at my desk. Taking pics of landmarks, and other things I really need to know more about.

  2. Why can’t I find it? :(

  3. I just took a picture of my notebook, a Dell XPS and I did it very half-assed. The picture was crappy and I intentionally tried to hold the phone at an angle where it wouldn’t easily detect the words XPS. But guess what, it nailed it. Dell XPS and gave me all sorts of results.

  4. Too bad I brought my moto CliQ to work I can’t seen to find it in the market ill check when I get home, on the mytouch 3G.

  5. PS: About the Dell XPS, what’s really interesting is that it got that model down pact.

    Then I scanned a Verizon Business Card, but I held it vertically instead of horizontally, it detected pretty well that it was Verizon though it provided results for Veri7on instead of Verizon (probably because the way the logo is) and did scan the persons name perfect as well as phone number. Gave me option to dial the number an/or add to contacts.

    OK I’m done posting.

  6. Just took a picture of the Eifel tower on my PC and a Coca Cola logo and found them in Seconds! FREAKING AWESOME! :D

  7. Heh, nice… Works fairly well on books and DVDs. Pretty fast too.

    More basic objects and shapes I had less luck with.

  8. Ugh, really? It’s 1.6+? I have a Cliq. Sigh. =[

  9. dang 1.6+ i really wish the eirs and hero get an update soon

  10. Seems like it would at least be a replacement for barcode scanner, except it doesn’t seem to read QR codes. …?

  11. now instead of just smartphones that happen to have cameras, we’ll also see smart cameras that happen to have phone capabilities. Take a pic, do some photo editing (Adobe, now you have a good reason to give us a real photoshop for android), use google google, send your pic straight to the web from wherever you are.

  12. cant find it in my hero T_T dont for 1.5 ???

  13. i’ve tried it and this is CRAZY, i cant belive it. Few years i was discussing this with my friends and thinking that this is impossible but i was obviously wrong.
    Im glad to hell that im an Android owner.

  14. Great idea but needs a lot of work. It seems to be good with books but not so much with city landmarks like Archive of the United States or the Trans America building in San Francisco. Coca Cola cans have an “ok.” Maybe in a year this will be the app to have.

  15. Another powerful, simple, useful, app from Google.

  16. I understand this is an early product and like all things Google it will surely improve a lot over time, but as it is now it gets beaten into the ground by the Amazon product scanner. Goggles only gets about 2-3/10, with Amazon getting 9/10 or more. It’s not just for books/dvds – I’ve taken pictures of rice cookers or shoes and still gotten the right result.

    The art recognition feature is really lacking; as it is, you’re better off just using the Amazon app and hoping that whatever art you’re scanning is on a book cover. I took a pic of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Great_Wave_off_Kanagawa on both apps, and it could both find it. Goggles wouldn’t find anything else we had hanging on our walls.

    I will say that when Goggles can find what you’re looking for it usually does it a little faster.

  17. Some people don’t like it for some reason…maybe they droped there phone to many times to heard? It works really well on my DroiD! And it will only grow stronger faster better greater

  18. Noooooo!!!! I have the hero that came with 1.5 even with the ota update that I got two weeks ago its still not at 1.6 but its one of the newest Android phones. This is to the rest of my hero owners… do you guys feel like we are getting the shaft? Or is it just me.

  19. I tried to find it on market but I get nothing as a result of search on market. :(
    I have htc tattoo, android 1.6

  20. This is the kind of application that will grow more awesome with time. I love it.

  21. @iassac: yeah, kind of getting fed up with this. No Google Goggles, no new Google Maps, no real-time search, no Google Navigation..

  22. Goggles Force Closes on DSTL1 :( booo

  23. When i go the Cliq i thought i would be able to anything on it. Well i Can’t cause it it doesn’t have the upadates i need to run the Google Goggles. Not Cool

  24. See what im saying it cant spell…lol

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