ZTE Smooth: Palm Pre Android Round 2


At the beginning of the month we saw the Alcatel OT-980 “slide in with Android” and when it was spotted at MWC the similarities to the Palm Pre were uncanny. It wasn’t the most exciting phone on the planet, but this entire range of form factor has been avoided by Android-making manufacturers thus far; now ZTE joins Alcatel in the efforts to fill the gap.

The ZTE Smooth is an Android 1.6 device that, as we explained, looks an awful lot like a certain device running WebOS:

According to 163.com, the ZTE Smooth will be available starting in August. Some of the specs include:

  • 2.8-inch touchscreen
  • 240×320 pixel resolution (QVGA)
  • Wi-Fi
  • FM Radio
  • GPS Navigation
  • Bluetooth 2.0
  • Android 1.6

Given the specs I would ex(spec)t <—-see what i did there?—– the ZTE Smooth to be an affordable Android phone, but at this point we’re not sure where or with whom it will launch.

[Via 163.com (translated to English)]

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  1. As I Droid user, I’m experiencing keyboard envy, but not spec envy.

  2. I had a palm pre for a month. It was very nice, but I disliked the keyboard. I did love the form factor.

    If their keyboard is better, well, maybe.

    Of course, what made webos so nice were the gestures and the “card based” multitasking management. It’s something Android needs.

  3. My first smartphone was a PPC6700. I love the form factor because the keyboard was so big. I now have a Palm Pre and I absolutely love the form factor..

    It’s the perfect keyboard orientation because it gives you the convenience of a virtual keyboard but the typing functionality of a physical keyboard all in one..

    I know ppl complain about the palm pre keyboard.. but to me it’s great… and since I have it .. I can tell you it’s pretty small .. so we can easily have a phone the size of the nexus one with the same form factor… the keyboard would be the size of the Blackberry Tour.. c

    Please HTC make that ultimate phone ..

  4. I’ve seen this on eBay billed as a “non-webOS Palm Pre”–complete with the image of an actual Pre screenshot on the box! Wonder if Palm will sue someone over it…

  5. your blog look nice. Your story is inspiring,lucy

  6. WIll it have all frequencies of GSM?????????

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