Vanderbilt Students Build Their Own Apps


Pretty sweet new app available for those of you who attend Vanderbilt University. Engineering students have developed an application that will find places to eat, what’s happening and how to get around. The new free apps, Dining, Campus Map and Events, were recently released to the Android Market. The app will use your GPS location and as well as a filter based on your interest to give you information and navigation to your destination.

The applications were developed by the Vanderbilt Mobile Application Team, VMAT, a group of computer science students working with faculty members Douglas Schmidt and Jules White to conduct research and develop applications.

“Mobile applications provide an amazing opportunity for undergraduates to have an impact on the future of computing. This is a whole new paradigm of software development and deployment. Students 18 to 22 years old can have a big impact while they are still in school,” Schmidt, professor of computer science, said. “VMAT has provided a great opportunity for students to get visibility and recognition for their accomplishments.”

The VMAT code is all open-source, meaning it can be used and further built upon by other developers. Which is great seeing that hopefully it will be adaptable to not only Vanderbilt but hopefully other universities and areas as well. For more information and links to how to download the apps, visit

[via Vanderbilt , Thanks Sayrah!]

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  1. I love this story. It shows that Android isn’t just about selling as many apps/games as you can or getting the most downloads and showing the most ads. It’s about solving problems and making useful things that improve people’s lives.

    This app was made for a SMALL group of people to enjoy and serves a DIRECT purpose. Love, love, love it!

  2. yeah vandy FTW! good job guys. making me proud.


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