T-Mobile Starting OTA For Behold 2 and CLIQ?


An anonymous tipster just sent some internal T-Mobile documents that suggest an OTA update for the Samsung Behold 2 and Motorola CLIQ should start today. The documents indicate that Samsung Behold 2 owners should get theirs by AT LEAST February 26th while Motorola CLIQ owners shouldn’t even have to wait for a notification message- they just head to Settings > About Phone > System Updates. Let us know if that works for you!

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The updates fix a wide array of problems and I’d be interested to hear – if you own one of these devices – if the fixes address issues that have been plaguing your experience. Make sure you let us know if you get the OTA and if you do – how you like the improvements!

Oh yeah, and don’t forget:


[Thanks Anonymous Tipster!]

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  1. do you think they will put android 2.1 on the new mytouch 2g i mean it seems like it has the processing power from what i see i’ve had it for a lil while i haven’t had one lag at all

  2. I’m not seeing an update on my Cliq yet…

  3. I got the update for the CLIQ, Its just impoves the gps, battery life and other things, not 2.1 yet. ):

  4. No update on my Cliq yet

  5. Dah well…I thought it was gonna be 2.1 for the Cliq.

  6. No update to my Behold II. Would really like it to be an upgrade to 1.6 (ideally, 2.1, but that’s just crazy-talk), but from everything I’ve read, it just a bug-fix OTA, which I’m hoping improves the battery life. Not holding my breath, though.

  7. No update for my Cliq

  8. Well I haven’t gotten the update yet for my Behold II, though the day isn’t over yet. Ugh I hate waiting but looking at those screen shots just brings back nightmares of my time at a call center. Horrible interfaces to knowledge base and tools and the bathroom was just a cesspool lol

  9. No update for my CLIQ yet, even manually.

  10. @ Se7en2 Samsung announced long ago they had plans to update the Behold II to 2.1

  11. No update on my cliq yet? Keep checking hourly and nothing.

  12. No update yet on my behold 2 or husband’s cliq. The phones are both very buggy and desperately needed updates.

  13. Just checked on my Cliq but nothing. In the California 831 area. Either way it’s not 2.1 :(

    Sooo many issues with the cliq that I’m still waiting to see fixed : /

  14. sothern california here…. as of 8pm no update on my cliq

  15. Behopeless 2 user nada no update yet…. san antonio tx 210 nada

  16. NY here and its 11:47 pm still no update!

  17. 11:51 in chicago and feeling a lil pissed off

  18. Fabian, what are the soooo many issues that need to be fixed? I have a Cliq and love it.

  19. @yelodog i had the cliq for about 14 days and one thing that made me return it was the touch screen not working correctly I waited for an update to fix problem since returning and getting another cliq would not fix it since its a software problem now I have a nexus one and well they push the fixes a little faster as it seems now. But anyways you have to be patient on the updates they will come they cant give everyone an update at the same time.

  20. No update available for my Cliq :( as of Feb 19 @ Key West

  21. 8:07AM February 19th in Kansas, no update yet.

  22. I love my Motorola Cliq, I have no major issues with the phone. I will patiently wait for any updates.

  23. No update for my Cliq yet, 19th in Houston TX

  24. No update for my Cliq yet. Couldn’t come soon enough as its still quite buggy.

  25. i have motorola cliq and i live in louisville, ky and its 11:26 am and i still havent got the update yet….

  26. I have yet to receive an OTA update for my CLIQ, despite checking manually once an hour, ever since I saw this article yesterday. :'( I understand that this update does not include an Android firmware update, but I see that the touch screen is on the list of things it’s supposed to fix. I cannot express adequately in words how much I hope that MY screen issues will be resolved with this update.

    I don’t keep myself updated on forums, so I’m not sure how many people have the same issues with their CLIQs (if any), but sometimes I have to resist the very strong urge to hurl my device at the nearest brick wall. My touch screen is entirely too sensitive to ambient temperature–specifically warm temperatures. If we have the heater on at my house and the temp gets up to about 74 degrees, it becomes impossible to scroll or swipe through anything. Add to the mix that my hands get sweaty and all of a sudden my screen starts to think I’m selecting EVERYTHING.

    I got the phone in November, so I haven’t had to deal with the summer yet, but I live in southern Arizona–if I can’t get a fix for my screen by summer, I have a feeling I’m going to need a new phone.

    By the way, I had a G1 prior to my CLIQ and I never had a single problem with the screen.

    I can only hope, for the sake of my phone’s safety, that this OTA update will make my screen less maddening.

  27. No update to the cliq (like everyone else)

  28. I just got my 2.1 today. UNREAL !!!!
    Sped increase, this think flies..
    I gotta play more!

  29. Rohnda, What area code? Which phone? Behold 2 in South Florida, no update. Will check my wife’s Cliq in a couple of hours.

  30. they are doing it in 3 batches of updates
    so some people got theirs last night some are getting it today and some will get it tomorrow

    check out the dext/cliq section on http://modmymoto.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=399
    for all your modding/ROM/root needs

  31. Seattle, WA just got my update at 7:10pm. Screen seems to respond to touch a lot better than before.

  32. Behold 2 in Cali no update

  33. Just checked again. No update for my Cliq. BTW: Tampa, FL.

  34. 11:15pm on 2/20 in Kansas, and still no update…

  35. behold 2 spokane washington 930 pm no update… i will post wen i git mine

  36. Houston, TX 713 – No update for the Behold II yet. Checked with TMO and they said it should roll out starting Feb 26, by serial numbers … but then again we all know how truthful customer reps are :)

  37. Just got my update. So far i can’t see any bug fixes. However the update installed a few new apps. Where’s waldo, midnight bowling, and an internet enabled note taking app. Nothing to write home about.

    behold ii north Texas 839 pm

  38. Nor Cal. Just got my update. Area code 707

  39. Sorry, forot to mention it was for the Cliq.

  40. 8:00am. 2/23. Tampa, FL. Just had a strange experience. Turned on Cliq after having it off overnight. A message fills the screen informing me there is an update to my phone available for download and that it among other things will improve my display/screen usability: Pinch to zoom? Not sure. Anyway, it advises me to use a WiFi connection if available and to plug my phone into the charger. I do this and hit the download button. After a brief pause it announces that that “update” had been recalled and that my phone was thus “up to date”. Huh? I’m still running the same version of Blur and my firmware remains at 1.5.

    Things that make you go Hmmmmmmm.

  41. Yea I was out last night with a couple of friends and me and my friend both have cliqs and on my friends phone it said avaliable for update but it did the same thing that it did to tim c. Phone. That’s very strange

  42. Got my update yesterday…and it completely borked my phone. After a long call with T-Mo that ended with a factory reset, the phone is still unusable, reporting a clock error. Motorola has escalated the issue to their tech support folks.

    I’ve read a few reports of other people with the same issue, but it seems rare. Still, might be worth a bit of caution before jumping on the latest OTA update.

  43. Got my update today around noon. Manually checked for an update and this time when I selected to download it it actually downloaded. Then when prompted to install I did. Seemed to go smoothly and was ready for use after a few minutes. This is ONLY the Blur update (1.3.18) and as yet I haven’t had any problems. We’ll see if some of the buggy/lagging issues I was previously upset about go away. Really waiting on the Android 2.0/2.1 update tho.

    Tampa, FL. Moto Cliq.

  44. Its 2:02 in ca on the 26th and no update :-/

  45. Got the update, lost some sensitivity but my battery life shot up from 15 hours to around 45 hours. I loved it until my keyboard stopped working.

  46. Behold 2 10:30pm Feb 26th no update

  47. Behold 2 – Boston, March 1st. NO UPDATE. What’s going on???? Anyone?

  48. No update yet!!! what is going on!!! im not happy at all. I cant even find the forums for this update on tmobile site. They took down all the complaints yet nothing has been solved yet!!!

  49. – forgot to mention i have behold 2, bought it 2 weeks ago.

  50. Behold 2 in South FL – I got my update last night – got a message saying it needed to update and I’d be unable to use phone for 10-15 minutes (including 911 calls). Today I noticed I had three new icons – Midnight Bowling 2, Where’s Waldo, and Evernote. I called T-Mobile, they said “wow that’s strange, let me get Samsung on the line so we can ask” and then when the Samsung rep picked up the T-Mobile rep was gone. Samsung said it was an update, but NOT a new version of Android. I asked when we would be getting the new Android version, she’s clueless about that.
    The really strange part – got my phone early January 2010, first update was yesterday. Yesterday afternoon I called Samsung and then T-Mobile complaining about my phone issues (first time I ever called them) – and the exact same day I got my first update? Could that be a coincidence?

  51. I just called T-mobile, and they say they are not aware of the OTA update announcement. WTF… Anyone besides M in South Florida lucky enough to get the update?

  52. I have to new update its only for blur to 1.8.3 from 1.1.3 will wipe phone clean so before update must remove all cracked apps leave it on the charger also will kill your battery

  53. Got my update earlier today around 5:30 for my Behold 2 here in So Cal, in Los Angeles county.

  54. Behold II central cali Finally got the update. I dialed *#9999# to
    check my firmware version then noticed a red and a blue
    arrow in the notification bar it was labled device managment
    then I got the “congratulations a software update is available”
    like I won the freaking lotto. I read somewhere it won’t ask you if
    your battery is below 50%. Now waiting for android 2.*


  56. Manually updated my Cliq last week (no notification ever popped up; just happend to check “System Update” when bored). Notes claimed to fix battery life issue, and I must say since the update my battery life has been much better. I don’t know what they did, but I can actually go 2 days without charging even with WiFi on. Pleasantly surprised! Now I’m just waiting on 2.0/2.1 …

  57. Bh2 Atlanta,Ga no update

  58. it’s now november 2 2010 and no update! dialed #9999# “UNABLE TO PROCESS REQUEST” went to settings: software update… nothing! irretating, what’s wrong, t-mobile says they have nothing to do wth it.

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