Moto VP Of Android Software Demoes Devour


Rick Osterloh is the VP of Android Software & MOTOBLUR Services at Motorola and a few days ago he took some time to discuss the device and give a tour of the specs and software.He also shows the Devour Wi-Fi connection while a computer is connected, browsing your phone’s contents using the MOTO Phone Portal. There have been a lot of videos of the upcoming devices from MWC, but having it come directly from a VP in charge of the product itself is pretty fun.

I like how the YouTube commenters pointed out the MacBook air with the missing F key at about 5:36 in… I guess those MOTO guys have been dropping a lot of “F bombs”!

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  1. still not impressed; it looks cheap and motoblur is an abomination!

  2. I think they could of made motoblur optional and or look more sleek like Google Experience phones

    the concept of it is good, the visual of it is not

  3. this looks ridiculously cheap… i need a fast phone… and a good looking phone… it reminds me of the razr… every1 bought the razr AND IT reminds me of the quality of the rAZR!

  4. It would be cool if was released like 9 months ago. Seems outdated for a new release.

    I do like how it connects wirelessly to a desktop.

  5. It’s way too small. This guy’s hand completely Devours the screen.

  6. @cwrig, it is faster then the droid, well, same speed processor, but this on isnt clocked down. It seems very responsive, and didnt lag at all.

    Most people think this is “crap” and i guess next to a nexus, sure. however, there is a market for cheaper smart phones, an by bringing more affordable, simple phones to the market, they will be able to reach new audiences. the droid wasent exactly built for everyone. I for one know that my sister would never use a droid, but would love this phone.

    I think it is targeted perfectly, and verizon was smart to bring a phone like this.

    also, att is smart to bring the backflip, because it is a good test for them to see how android is on there network before they do any large android release.

  7. not impressed

  8. Devour has a dedicated GPU. 2 procs in this phone, one to handle graphics alone. Sounds good to me. (This is the same as the Motoroi right?)

  9. oops, its not the same. disregard above post since I can’t edit it

  10. I think this is a great for a lot of consumers. A phone this size fits well in most pockets. Plus the keyboard is well designed, and it’s good for social networking/texting.

  11. So, it’s not a Droid. But how does it look cheap? Look at the keyboard tray. The body has a sculpted look similar to the unibody Macs. That doesn’t look cheap to me. Now I will reserve judgment until I hold one, but hard to make such a strident opinion from a youtube video.

    I too might prefer the stock Android experience, but there is a market for this type of customization and is one of the “benefits” of Android. Mfr’s have the freedom to explore new ideas.

    There is nothing wrong with targeting different market price points/functionality. It’s still Android so I think will be a good value and experience (provided call quality is up to snuff).


  13. @Brett I would agree the market can use varying levels of android phones. But a new phone that is 2 OS releases behind is not smart. Adding these layers of UI “improvements” like Blur probably slow down release dates significantly; ergo new phones 2 releases behind. I think (in general) people who buy smartphones want the latest. These things will sit on the shelf.

  14. Personally I own a Motoblur device (Cliq) and I can say without a doubt that the Motoblur software is imo phenomenal! It fits my lifestyle with social networking between Facebook, Myspace, & Twitter perfectly. Now this particular phone as well is targeted towards that market and demographic. Verizon is doing a great job in marketing and bringing this phone to their network. Not everyone is looking to have a Droid, Nexus or whatever is the latest and advanced. Sometimes people are looking for a device/phone that will fit there form of lifestyle and make it seamless. Motoblur does just that with social networking junkies like me. Now the OS might not be up to par but Motorola has always supported their products very,very well. The Cliq is already going to have 2.1 as well as the Droid within the next month or two. Motoblur is heavily rooted with the Cliq so it will take a little more time but is worth the wait. All you lucky Droid users get it early on :)

    This phone is definitely going to sell well and without a hiccup. Verizon will not let someone who cant afford a Droid just slip away from there hands. The price point is good and the features are rich. Kudos to Motorola on having the marketing ability to reach as many audiences as they can with great hardware & “specific” well positioned devices to whatever lifestyle/uses/needs are utilized.

  15. What a piece a shit.

  16. looks to much like moto droid

  17. To all the people asking why not 2.1 on this, maybe you should look at the Nexus One. Have they fixed the 3G problems with that yet? Do Motorola or Verizon want to release something that isn’t working right just because it’s new?

    Phone development takes time. You don’t just change platforms in the middle because something new was released. It’s not like hacking out an app and shipping it, and fix as you go. I’d imagine there are a lot of people involved, and a lot of testing both in house and in network. Test cycles can take weeks to make sure that not only does it function correctly, but that it doesn’t screw up the network too.

    If they switched gears to using 2.1 when it was released by Google a little over a month ago, this phone wouldn’t be coming out until June.

  18. I just left US cellular and had the LG tritan – I HATED the slider screen on it because simply, if it got loose, the side of the screen one dig into the side of the phone. For those who dont know, it had a raised side when you slide it out. They used that spot for physical keys, which was nice, BUT the screen would wiggle. I have the droid now, and im so glad it doesnt have a raised side!

  19. I wonder if he will ever get a replacement key for his missing button on his laptop?

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