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The folks on AndroidForums are hyped about a press release from SPB Software announcing the arrival of SPB Mobile Shell 5.0 with support for Android. In the past, SPB has been a Windows Mobile offering which allowed users extensive customization. You’re probably saying, “but Android is customizable by default,” but wait up – you haven’t seen the demo yet:

So in addition to supporting hundreds of their own default widgets it also allows Android widgets… and that 3D carousel is pretty gnarly looking. There certainly isn’t a shortage of Home Replacement Apps and another one that has been turning heads is TAT Home – check out the promo video and you’ll see why:

For which of these apps are you most excited?

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  1. I really hope all this beautification people are doing to the android devices doesn’t bog them down like the Iphone fluff does. I want the cool looks but need speed. Want vs need. Looks pretty cool though.

  2. I have SPB Mobile Shell on my WinMo device and its great, but when I get android I am not gonna get SPB MS again. The Android stock is better than what I saw in the video, and the carousel is useless! I tried using it and I know.

    TAT home on the other hand looks like something beautiful and innovative. It is fast, intuitive and different. I will need to try it out, but I have a feeling that TAT is going to be my home replacement.
    My only question is: When is it coming out?

  3. Sweet can’t wait

  4. Looks slow, on an N1??? must be very resource consuming…but still looks fun to play with

  5. Before my hero I had the HTC Tilt WM with SBP shell. SBP was mandatory with WM cause WM UI was so bad. But I wouldnt want it on android. I like what I see on stock 2.1 better than these UIs. I think they would be amusing for about 15 minutes. I dont see any of them making data more presentable or faster to access. They look fun, but I think they would get annoying real fast.

  6. man, your behind…

  7. TAT Home looks pretty sweet. actually surprised me how polished, intuitive, and unique it is

  8. Too bad these are home replacement apps. I wish some of the functionality was available in a standalone widget. Like tatHomes music and weather widget.
    I have an N1 and would hate to give up my Live Wallpapers or 3D app tray.

  9. I like Tat Home — will give it a go when it comes out. I’ll pass on SPB.

  10. Hey Rob – How about you get yourself a free copy of Mobile Shell and give us a video review? Or…if you’re too busy…you could send me the copy and I’ll do the review for you! ;)

    “SPB Software invites members of the media to get familiar with the application by claiming their complimentary copy of SPB Mobile Shell through contacting Anton Nekhaenko at [email protected]

  11. @josh

    TOTALLY agree.

  12. it would kill my g1, but with all the 1GHz+ androids coming out this year, both of these replacements will be welcomed with open arms.

  13. So; I watched these vids again to see if I missed something. In each case there is less info per screen and it is slower to get to. Its a case of design going beyond function; great for people who want to play with their phone. Not so great for people who want to use their phone.

  14. Wait for all the perks to come together, picture this: Dalvik Turbo Engine, Storage space unlock (for massive accessable files and programs), 64gb lvl 6 card for that space, extended battery (even though Dalvik Turbo Engine supposed to improve battery usage), and then this on top….supreme.

  15. Now that Microsoft won’t allow custom UIs to be installed legitimately on Windows Mobile 7.0, the makers of SPB Mobile Shell made a good choice in entering the world of Android, otherwise they’d be out of business when WinMo 7.0 comes out. From what I can see, their Android version just blows away the WinMo version. Keep up the good work!

  16. SPB Mobile Shell looks pretty and I would have been very excited about it… if I hadn’t seen the demo for TAT first… TAT is visually stunning and at least looks like it’s pretty functional, too. My only hesitation would be if it bogs down the phone… will have to see it’s performance on the Droid. If there’s no lags, I’ll be waiting in line for this one.

  17. 7 sucks.. who cares.. not me anyway
    no chance i will EVER use that ugly poop

    both SPB and TAT are awesome
    android here i come

  18. spb mobile shell and spb time are the only reason I haven’t traded my winmo phone for android yet (ok, AND the fact that I’m heavy into outlook for every phase of my life). It is a great program and the only thing that makes winmo livable. PLEASE spb, port spb time over to android too!!!

  19. TAT looks awesome

  20. After using SPB Mobile Shell for years on Windows Mobile, I want to see how useful it will be on Android. Windows Mobile had such poor interface, SPB made the situation bearable. Now that I’ve used Android for a month, I see that SPB is not a necessity on the platform. I would like SPB to merge some of their software into one cohesive application. For instance, I really love SPB Time and miss having it on my phone. What makes this a separate application from the Mobile Shell? SPB Wallet is also a program I miss. SPB, why have you not made a good Office program? After using Docs to Go, I am shocked there is not a better competitor to Pocket Office. I now need to research TAT.

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