Feb 18th, 2010

The Samsung Beam is – at the moment – a one-of-a-kind Android phone. While its Super-AMOLED screen offers a pretty beautiful display itself, the pico projector is what REALLY has people talking. That’s right – this phone can act as an actual projector, displaying videos, slide shows, presentations and more. The team at HDBlog (translated to English) were able to get 8-minutes in a dark room to show us what the Beam is all about. BOO!

The projected image didn’t look too bright, and they (HDBlog) say you should be a maximum of about 3 meters away so the image doesn’t wash out further.  That being said, we’re not sure what conditions they were filming their demonstration under so we would want to do our own tests before coming t oa conclusion. You can clearly see that their video camera is using a light so I’m sure that affects the quality of this YouTube video.

beamSome of the images look really, really clear and one awesome feature was putting a photograph under the phone, aiming the camera at it and having a picture of the photograph projected onto the wall. Confusing, I know, read it again. Or you could always watch the video.

The beam also has an antenna that pulls out for TV – not sure where or hwo that will be available, but I’m sure we’ll learn more as carriers announce they’re carrying the beam. I’m pretty excited for this phone although I’m pretty confident it won’t find it’s way to the states. Do you disagree? I’m still waiting for the Galaxy to arrive!

By the way I really like the ridged sides of the phone – they give it a nice look and reduce the perception of chunkiness which, with a projector, you would expect the phone to have.

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