Opera Mobile Shown On Nexus One


We recently told you Opera Mobile for Android will make an appearance at the MWC 2010 and TechCrunch has a video demonstrating Opera Mobile on the Nexus One in action. Check it out!

Looks awesome and sports a very nice UI, exactly what we’d expect from Opera. I didn’t notice and it wasn’t asked in the Video but I wonder if it supports Multi-Touch too?  Opera Mobile won’t be available for download off the Android market unlike it’s relative Opera Mini but it will be offered to OEM’s giving them the option to pre-install it on their handsets. We can Hopefully expect Opera Mobile for Android to be complete by the end of this year. I’m personally really looking forward to testing it out!

Seems like the Android community should have an attractive choice of browser this year with Opera Mobile, an updated Opera Mini and Firefox’s mobile version of their browser to choose from. Are you looking forward to having such a choice of Browsers?

[Via TechCruch]

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  1. What is up with his sweaty forehead? Nasty! He looks like a pervert. I do like the browser though, it is super fast.

  2. Wow, quite impressive. Scrolling is very smooth and overall looks very polished. Definitely looks better than default browser. Can’t wait until firefox mobile. Pinch and zoom isn’t a big deal to me so it’s really not a deal breaker without it.

  3. Opera is very forward-thinking and innovative when it comes to browsers so this should be an exciting new offering. So there will be Opera Mini, Opera Mobile, Firefox Mobile, and Skyfire for Android this year outside of the default browser.

    Where the hell is Google Chrome mobile? The Chrome desktop browser is making huge advancements in very short-pace. It seems disappointing that Google hasn’t been able to port it to the Android OS.

  4. he did say that the full opera mobile will work on the hero didnt he?

  5. It would be absurd if it does not have pinch zoom when xScope, a browser creaed by one guy, has it working well.

  6. doesnt really look that impressive, the default browser is capable of everything that was shown.

  7. Does it have multi-touch?

  8. @Chris

    The android browser IS Google Chrome Mobile….

  9. @Drybones5

    Nope. Different dev teams even. They both make use of the webkit engine though.

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