Sony Ericsson Passed On Making The Nexus One


nordbergEither they had too much pride to be the subcontractor manufacturing a product not technically “branded” SE, they were too busy working on their line of delayed Xperia Android phones, or they simply didn’t see it as an opportunity worth taking; Sony Ericsson CEO Bert Nordberg claims that Google first asked THEM to produce the first Nexus One Google Phone. And since we all know HTC made the Nexus One I’m sure you can guess what he told Google…


Had Sony Ericsson been a few Android phones deep I think they would have taken the offer, but I can see their hesitation in launching their first Android Phone using Google’s new distribution system. And, based on the numbers, maybe declining wasn’t such a bad idea. But do you REALLY think it was a simple brand recognition decision? Partially maybe… but entirely? I doubt it.

For me the most interesting part of the article comes with the suggestion that SE will expand beyond phones:

On the other hand, he sees other interesting growth areas for the company – “You will see us expand into other consumer products as they grow together, for example at home. Sony has a huge database of content such as books, movies, games and other things that are valuable to our customers,” he says.

This doesn’t necesarily mean other consumer products based on Android, but I don’t see how that couldn’t be a possibility. A Sony Ericsson gaming device based on Android with Android Market? A MID? Why not?

And another question… usually CEO’s are pretty tight lipped about behind-the-scenes happenings – did he mention this Nexus request so sleight HTC and suggest they’re a better manufacturer who Google trusts more? Or do you think it’s a fair game comment that any CEO would have mentioned in passing?

[Sydsvenskan.se via Engadget]

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  1. Are you daft? The X10 isnt delayed. It is suppose to be released Q1 2010 and that isnt over yet.

  2. I’m glad the contract went to HTC. A SE Nexus One released in 2012 running Android 1.5 would’ve been lame. :)

  3. I think its all foolishness. I thought that companies were in the business of making money?? Just about everyone knows that HTC makes the N1. SE missed the opportunity for the general public to associate SE and Android pre the release of their android based phones, which would have made pushing those devices easier IMO. OH, and lets not forget increase their bottom line. Missed opportunity if you ask me.

  4. Has anyone seen this yet?


    Looks to be end of March for an X10 release in the U.K.. Personally, I am very interested in this device for T-Mobile U.S.. I hear that the German version of the X10 will be T-Mobile U.S.-compatible. But, will it be worth importing? Hmmm, we’ll see.

    My dream phone would be something like a beefy X10 or Desire, but with a slide out qwerty keyboard. And for T-Mobile U.S.! Oh, and of course rooted & mod’ed, preferrably by Cyanogen. :)

  5. IMHO , the only reason he talked about this story now is he deeply regreated that he didn’t take the offer. Look what HTC has become today and SE just tries so hard to even be in the game.

  6. i’m more inclined to think the meeting went like this, “that xperia 1 you made is an exquisite device, can you make one for us?” asked larry. “yeah about that, uuhm, we didn’t actually make the device, we pawned it to a company in taiwan, but we actually made the xperia 10 and it’s the best phone out there if i may say so myself, ” replied bert. “can we see it?” asked sergey. “yeah about that, uuhm, it’s still with engineering…” sergey cut in, “sorry for wasting your time, i see you can use more of it to supervise your guys.” “hey larry, i guess we should call that guy in taiwan…”

  7. It’s probably one of the smartest moves that SE has made. Just think how happy they are that they don’t have to put up with the Bulls#*@ that HTC is having to deal with right now with all of the major problem the N1 is having due to the poor design and testing by Google. SE would not have allowed Google to push them around the way HTC has and Google would not have allowed SE the freedom to produce a quality product that they would have demanded.

  8. D~C – personally I wouldnt set too much store by the date. I’ve been watching that same ad for the last 3 months or so now, and first it said Jan, then when it got close it changed to Feb, and now it has changed to March. Just not holding my breath.

  9. This makes as much sense as Ford deciding to not make cars for Toyota. Why help a competitor?

  10. @ Ken.

    And SE has never said anything but Q1 2010. Setting a date before one has been announced by the manufacturer is a way for the store to make you pre-order. Blame them not SE.

  11. haha. this is funny. all you people who think Sony made the Xperia should rethink that. Sony the smart company they where has been contracting htc on all thier Xperia products. it’s a fact. look it up. XDA is a froum created for HTC branded and HTC designed phones. guess what Sony model phone is there? the sony Xperia 1 and 10. don’t get me wrong Sony has a big say about the phone just like Google did with the N1. but HTC gave birth to it and branded it sony just like any smart company would do to expand thier cellphone reach.

  12. Well for a start SE is not an ODM company whereas HTC is.
    HTC started making phone for others, and in fact they make the X10 for SE.
    Shouldn’t someone who writes a blog about Android know these small facts ?
    Please at least try to cross examine the crap these CEOs spout.

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