HTC Desire, Legend Find Amazon Germany’s Virtual Shelves


Online retailers have it so much easier, don’t they? Just slap up a picture and a price and you’re ready to go. That’s exactly what Amazon Germany did with the HTC Desire and HTC Legend, making them one of the very first sites to say they’ll sell the phones – they’ve also included prices!


As you can see they’re listed at:

  • HTC Legend – EUR 459.00 ($623 USD)
  • HTC Desire – EUR 499.97 ($678 USD)

Sounds about right… now hopefully the carrier subsidies will be, say – $622 and $677 dollars respectively? That’d be nice but keep dreaming. The HTC Desire will launch as the top notch device on the market and that’s a title you’ll have to pay for. Ante up!

Rob Jackson
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  1. These amazon.de prices are inclusive 19 % vat.

  2. I already spotted the Desire a few days ago in Expansys’ catalog…it was tagged as being “sold out” but now it has an availability date again.


  3. Wasnt the desire supposed to be cheaper than the nexus one? Or was that just a rumor?

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