Feb 18th, 2010

When you hear “Droid users are eagerly anticipating the Android 2.1 OTA” many will assume you’re automatically talking about Motorola Droid users. But it’s HTC Droid Eris users on Verizon Wireless that MAY be getting their update first. A limited number of reports of a 2.1 update have proliferated across the interwebz, sparking rumor that the Droid OTA is imminent and possibly underway.



  • If this IS the real OTA than to say its experiencing some problems would be an understatement. Apparently its missing features, wiping out all the Google Apps and also clearing your SD card of the apps and data you downloaded and saved. So… until further notice you may want to BACK UP your phone data so you can restore it if anything goes wrong! Initial OTA problems could be the reason it hasn’t spread quicker.
  • If this ISN’T the real OTA then… I’m not really sure what to stay. Share your conspiracy theories below.

My big question is for Motorola Droid owners: you were told LAST week that an OTA would start before the week’s end. Will you be upset if the first OTA pushed out to the VZW masses goes towards Droid Eris owners?

Personally, I’ll be happy for them. So long as Verizon remembers that there are many more who want the same thing only on a different phone!

[Via AndroidForums]

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