Droid Eris 2.1 OTA Coming Before Moto DROID?


When you hear “Droid users are eagerly anticipating the Android 2.1 OTA” many will assume you’re automatically talking about Motorola Droid users. But it’s HTC Droid Eris users on Verizon Wireless that MAY be getting their update first. A limited number of reports of a 2.1 update have proliferated across the interwebz, sparking rumor that the Droid OTA is imminent and possibly underway.



  • If this IS the real OTA than to say its experiencing some problems would be an understatement. Apparently its missing features, wiping out all the Google Apps and also clearing your SD card of the apps and data you downloaded and saved. So… until further notice you may want to BACK UP your phone data so you can restore it if anything goes wrong! Initial OTA problems could be the reason it hasn’t spread quicker.
  • If this ISN’T the real OTA then… I’m not really sure what to stay. Share your conspiracy theories below.

My big question is for Motorola Droid owners: you were told LAST week that an OTA would start before the week’s end. Will you be upset if the first OTA pushed out to the VZW masses goes towards Droid Eris owners?

Personally, I’ll be happy for them. So long as Verizon remembers that there are many more who want the same thing only on a different phone!

[Via AndroidForums]

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  1. I read that it lacks Sense UI. Any one think that maybe it was the Droid update and was accidentally pushed to the Eris?

  2. The Droid already has 2.0.1 while the Eris is sitting with 1.5, so I don’t think it would be unfair for the Eris to be updated first. Or the Hero for that matter.

  3. Well, I have a Motorola Droid and it is starting to really get me mad with all the freezing and crashes. I hear from another site that 2.1 fixes ALOT of bugs so I was really pumped to get it in the next few days. Then the “Coming SOON” bomb hit and my heart sank…. I just wish they would release the thing already LOL!

    On the other hand, the Eris has had so much errors with it, the communite of Eris owners will need this update as well.

    SO COME ON VERISON, SEND US ALL 2.1!!!!!!!!!

  4. Maybe they accidentally sent the 2.1 Droid update to the Droid Eris? or upgrading from 1.5 to 2.1 may actually reset your apps and what not because of incompatibility issues?

  5. how do you backup your phone data? just copy the SD card? or is there another app that you can use?

  6. Being an Eris owner, I can say the phone rocks. I have had no problem with it (besides needing to restart it once a month because coming out of sleep it can be slow to respond) but I can’t wait for 2.1. I was just hoping to get to 2.0 so this is a nice surprise, ass-u-ming it happens.

  7. I would be alright with it if they did not advertise the Droid to be a flash capable iPhone killer for which I paid twice as much money for compared to Eris users. I spent $200 on my phone and at this pace the Droid doesn’t stand a chance against thebwell polished iPhone

  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch#playnext=1&playnext_from=TL&videos=3N6pW6VVE2o&v=elDD2mxE4ak heres a video of the eris running 2.1, so i guess its true…cuz i don’t even think the eris has been rooted yet so it can’t be a rom

  9. I would rather wait until Moto cleans up all the glitches before they put out the OTA. That’s just the smart thing to do. Patients is a virtue, buy American.

  10. HTC tweeted the other day that the 2.1 upgrade with Sense UI is coming. Verizon nor HTC through twitter will answer when that date is. And as Shawn H. said, we Eris users are still running 1.5, it is only fair that we get the update for 2.1 first, however, there shouldn’t be a reason that both phones don’t get it at the round about same time because there is no UI for the Moto Droid. We were waiting for the Sense UI update from HTC to get our update.

  11. it seems like they sent the update for the droid to the eris. I gotta admit, pushing the ota to just a small group of handsets is a pretty smart idea. that way if it screws something up, which it obviously did, they only have a small group of people to deal with rather than everyone that has one. as a droid owner i could care less about the 2.1 update i have them blocked.

  12. “Will you be upset if the first OTA pushed out to the VZW masses goes towards Droid Eris owners?”

    If you are upset, you need to get over yourself and grow up. Both phones are pretty outstanding in current form, and it is ridiculous how many whiners on these boards think they are owed immediate and perfect software updates.

    When it is ready, it will be… if you can’t wait, then root your phone and learn how to upgrade or change the features that you would like for yourself!

    People should be more eager for the Turbo Dalvik Virtual Machine than they are for the 2.1 update which really only provides some small bells and whistles other than the significant changes to maps and the ability to run some of the cooler apps like Goggles or Grooveshark.

  13. I think they need the update more then us Droid owners do. Why the Eris was released with only 1.5 is beyond me. 1.6 would have been good, at least they could have had navigation support. But as it stands Eris owners are behind even G1 owners at this point with a phone that is less then 6 months old.

  14. Not sure why any one would be mad, it’s just an update. All these ppl who live their lives for a update, need to really find a hobbie.

  15. Droid should get it first!!!! We paid more for our phones therefore we deserve it first!!!!

  16. MY big question for you Phandroid readers: Did you think that the editor could possibly resist the inclusion of at least one rhetorical question in his post, the answer for which was RIDICULOUSLY obvious??

  17. I have a DROID and, as much as I want the update to happen fast, I’d rather they work out kinks in the OS on another person’s phone. So, enjoy the beta-testing Eris users!

  18. Someone needs to do a system dump and get it over to the devs at xda so they can take a look at the kernel.

  19. Droid? Crashes and freezes? Mine is solid as a rock. I am sitting happy with 2.0.1, so I say let them take their time and test the heck out of it before pushing it to my phone.

  20. Yes I can confirm my Eris has been updated to 2.1. BUT, it erased all my downloaded apps and SMS. I retrieved my contacts from Google, I downloaded again the apps from the Market (which looks much nicer now) (however I did not have any paid apps, don’t know what would happen for those). Overall it’s a very nice update, the UI is much more responsive now, Google Buzz is now supported, as long as Google Navigator. It really makes the Eris the best deal on the market, at least for now.

  21. I’m in agreement with Luis and Scorrpio. While I don’t have many major issues with my Droid, I do feel that Moto should work to make 2.1 for the Droid as bug-free as possible before pushing OTA. Good things come to those who wait.

  22. Who cares!!!Just push the update for both the Eris and the Droid at the same time and be done with it.

  23. who cares…already rooted and running 2.1 on droid and it’s awesome.

  24. Mike,
    Where are you located? Or anyone else that “received” the update…

  25. I can’t wait for this update. Eris Rocks!

  26. I’m ready to switch to te iPhone.

  27. I’m ok with erid gettimg it. I tell u 1 rearon I got the moto was bc it had the updaded software but if the update has bugs, give it to eris. Work them out then give them to my droid… I don’t have a huge issue with crashing. As as much as id like the pinch and zoom ill live. So go ahead let them loose there apps n stuff :)

  28. i want my eris update now!!! i bought the phone understanding it was going to be updated to the newer os soon!!!!!!!!! quit dicking around and get it done!

    driod boi: get bent your already at 2.0 you can wait for whatever minimal features you get for going to 2.1

    1.6 to 2.1 or even 2.0 is a huge difference in performance and features. 2.0-2.1 is like a bug fix.

    i’d be happy with 2.0, i don;t care just get one of the newer OS’s out.

  29. Sniveling little i-whiners. If you don’t like your phone, why didn’t you take it back? 30 day return, you know. I own both MotoDroid and Eris AND have an i-phone groupie in the family too. They’re all great phones. Freezes and lock ups? Maybe once or twice in the 2-3 months of ownership. Iphone has had it’s share of fits too. 2.1 would be a nice upgrade, though the only significant difference I can smell between the 1.5 and 2.0 is Google Navigation. There are other small UI differences between the Droid and Eris but I’m not sure if these are just the differences in the UI or OS, but not enough to make me like one over the other. They both work well and are good solid phones. So all you i-phone fan-boys, why don’t you donate your Droid to someone who cares, take yourselves down to AT&T and get yourself an i-phone. Then, maybe, you can walk around and be cool like all the other i-clones breeding out there.

  30. HTC hero owners, the wait is over!! I just got the its 2.1 update!!!!

  31. My droid works fine with 2.01. I’d love to have 2.1 but my i phone friends are already jealous as it is. I can wait til it’s ready.

  32. I have a eris and the main 2 reasons im really waiting for 2.1 is while using bluetooth hands free i can only call out to the last # i called or who called me last. I would also like to play the clips i download. I get around two seconds of footage and the screen freezes and i get the audio still. Very irritating. As far as who gets it first dont bother me.

  33. I got tired of waiting for the update and did the sholes mod and overclocked the phone to 1ghz. Best $6 I have spent. I will not even download the update now, I will just wait for them to create another version of the custom rom :)

  34. Ohhhhhh Droid doesn’t.. lol I think Droid won’t get it, Peroid. 2.1 is comes for that phone with HTC sense and any HTC based phone like N1. Accept it and move on.

  35. Have DROIDeris 2.1 works fine, got it tonight… also I put a “2.2”Rom on HP Touchsmart PC, but it is a hoax, all it is is 2.1 with senseUI, and a few extras such as Chrome instead of the regular browser… and is slow as hell!!!

  36. I analyzed the update posted on some websites and it seems to be truly the Droids (moto Droid) update. If you unzip the file and look under /media/bootanimation it is the Droid baby

  37. Look if you want to get your fix of 2.1 then just go in the market and look for sm updater. Its a program that roots your phine and gives you the 2.1 rom. It works fantastic, and the best part is you don’t have to do anything but hit yes a few times.

  38. For all you that say eris deserves it more that is bs.. we droid users paid more.. end of story.. if u want better updates pay more.. there is no reason to get the eris over the droid unless ur just cheap.. u all prolly don’t tip ur waiters either.. so u deserve nothing.. we paid for a better product so damn right it should be better.. u cheap bastards just couldn’t get the good phone.. and now since you are an oi behind ur owed something.. gimme a break they shoulda left ur asses at 1.5… this is not to hero phans…. just eris losers with their broken 2.1

  39. Broken os not oi

  40. @Steve: Dicks like you are just pompous douchebags who piss their pants if anyone stands up to their jackassery. It doesn’t matter that you paid more for a phone, since you already bought it why should you get any updates for free at all? If you want your 2.1 go root the Droid and get to it. But dicks like yourself generally can’t find your way out of your moms flapping vag in the 1st place…

  41. Steve, hope your moms dead

  42. @jay i agree the devs of smupdater are solid my droid runs fine on newest release and can overclock 1.2ghz! most droid owners went with the droid cuz they were tech savvy the rest just wanted the best and had money to do so.

  43. Everyone should really quit bitching, the updates will come when they come, I’m sure there is a few tech savvy people on here but from the looks of it not many of you know anything at all about what it really takes to make an update for millions of users, its a very technical and time consuming oroccess that should be appreciated, in all reality these updates should not be free, these companies spend hundreds of thousands on these updates just to hand them out to greedy selfish people.

  44. I bought the Eris over the droid because of the UI and slimmer design as well as not needing the keyboard. From my understanding the update will make much better use of our processors and fix some fundamental flaws in the way the phone works . you need to get over you’re self and how much money you think you have. The reps in the store shouldn’t have said anything about the update when I asked . It’s not whining it’s professionalism I’m on about.3 months later this is what I get for trusting in what a tech rep says..I know my bad….right? Just be honest .. typed from my eris

  45. Greedy selfish people who paid mad money for their phones.. if moto/vzw/goog wanted money id give it to em.. and guess what I would be runnin 2.1 right now.. on my greedy selfish droid. Don’t say dumb stuff like we should have to pay for updates cuz noone planned on payin for em when we got our handsets.. so now that it took longer all the pusses like u say boo who give em a break u should be paying anyway it takes a long time… duh but I did pay when I got a moto.. I did give em time.. from when nexus dropped to now.. and they aren’t losers like us perusing forums all day.. the developers have jobs that keep em busy so I don’t have to take it easy cuz they aren’t reading this anyway

  46. steve stfu i hope your phone dies of phone aids you jackass

  47. Steve you’re about as cool as a boner at a swim meet…
    Venting on a forum shows how pathetic you are…now go tell your mom I want blueberry pancakes for breakfast in bed in the morning…typed from my BADASS eris

  48. Steve, i hear your mom is making blueberry pancakes. I’m going to come over and get me some! Mmm Mmm, your mom has some delicious cakes. I may get me a little 2.1 while I’m at it.

  49. Meh. You’re all a bunch of whiners here. Lol. Moto droid owners have nothing to complain about, your hardware is miles ahead of the eris and we’ll get 2.1 soon, hopefully as bug free as the 2.01 update. I’d be much more interested in a bluetooth update to make voice dialing possible.

  50. hahahahahhaha wowwwww……get a life. ur all so opinionated but not a one of you has said anything useful…if u wanna complain about the updates then learn the code and do it urself, but stop complaining because u know nothing about ur phone and bought into a well pitched sales presentation and a flashy commercial.

    the droid is one of the most tech. advanced devices out right now (in america) so go learn how to use ur phone before u start bitchin cuz ur bored n dont know enough about the phone to occupy urselves

  51. @sean
    You know your right, I was looking at all these posts hoping for some enlightening conversation. As I dug deeper its just a pool of trolling :P.
    I see it as this, the Eris was/is a cheaper alternative to the Moto however no where inferior, and as far as updates are concerned, I would prefer slow regional updates to a mass cluster*uck of fail.
    Props to the dev’s for even figuring the Eris/Hero could see 2.1! When it gets here to the NW its gonna be amazing, I already have awesome battery life and great functionality.

  52. This s*** is hilarious. One of the best nerd fights ever!!!!

  53. Hey DROID users: 2.0.1 to 2.1 gives you:
    Maps and Browser pinch-zoom
    live wallpapers
    voice keyboard
    It gives us Eris users:
    Maps Pinch-zoom (Sense browser has it)
    live wallpapers
    Google Maps Nav
    better Market
    better Exchange
    better Mail app
    support for multiple GMail accounts
    better speed
    voice keyboard
    I should hope we get it at least as soon as you do. 1.5 can’t contend, while 2.0 is very close to 2.1

  54. I like the personas for the phones:
    DROID = Terminator
    DROID Eris = Ninja
    iPhone = Paris Hilton

    Go Verizon/Linux!

  55. Kenny, in case you don’t already know, moto Droid received an update a couple weeks ago that gave us pinch zoom for Maps. But I guess that just means our list just got smaller. Drat.

    I’m pretty psyched about 2.1 coming soon and personally, I don’t understand why ALL Google phones aren’t updated unless it’s a hardware thing. But since I went from a flip phone that barely knew what the internet was to the moto Droid, I really don’t have room to complain.

  56. the updates will be nice when they do come, but at the same time even if there wasnt an update, are these phones really not good enough for most people? I mean really, how much shit do you really need your phone to do lol, im sure that most of us all have a laptop with us most of the day as well as our phone, Ive been up and running on my eris with no problems thus far and think its a great phone, I like most of htcs phones, however, was not very satisfied or happy with the touch pro when I had that, it was a short lived adventure, which ended up sticking me with a blackberry storm, which unlike most people I got a lucky 1 in a 100000000 phone that never broke or needed rma,so wether we droid users get another update or not, these phones are plenty sufficient for what they currently do.

  57. also just want to note, that the nexus would be a nice phone if stores were acutally going to carry it, its not worth the hassle to me to have to deal with google directly for repairs and other things.

  58. Everyone acts like the eris is just a cheap alternative. The eris and the moto droid are just two different styles. I got the eris because the moto droid was too bulky, and the keyboard to me looked like s***. Especially that nasty gold d-pad. I didn’t get it because I didn’t like it, not because it was too expensive. So stop trying to show off and acting like you deserve more than anyone else because you got an over priced ugly a** phone. Anyone who has an android OS deserves updates just as much as the next guy.

  59. Jay,

    You wrote that there was a program in the Market that updated the Droid to 2.1

    Where is it?
    Can’t find it.


  60. I got the ERIS because it’s a much nicer phone. It makes for a better experience. That and HTC is a much more prominent smartphone manufacturer than motorola. Their track record is impressive. They developed the G1, Nexus One, hell they started the craze with the original Sidekick. I could have paid more for the Moto Droid but its a POS

  61. I’d be so MAAAD! if all my data and downloads were deleted! Not cool man, so ido about this update. I might wait till the bugs are all fixed….

  62. i just got my droid eris updated to 2.1, it’s a lot better then 1.5 and this update is the real deal even though it is a leak not the official release. i haven’t noticed too many new features. i’m still trying to get the live wallpaper to work but everything else is great!

  63. I have the 2.1 firmware but it was not OTA, i found the zip file update on a site leaked by a chinese worker. Loads and works great

  64. ok so the 2.1 version is available. i just bought the eris today, 2 of them, and my buddie who is the top sales person in s texas recommends the eris because the droid has a lot crap that doesnt run as smooth as the eris, and he recommends it, and he has one. and he can any phone on the network. so shut up, get a life and quit thinkin u know everything!!!!

  65. I’ll be happy when the update comes ,as for people whining about it as you say ,I understand most there frustration ,when you pay for a product you expect it to work and perform as advertised right,and that’s my problem now I can no longer receive my multi media and Verizon blames it on needing this update

  66. Still no ‘official’ word from HTC or Verizon on the 2.1 update for Eris. The reps at Verizon kept eluding to sometime in April, but nothing has been confirmed. Read more here: http://eugeneorourke.com/blog/droid-eris-release-date-update/

  67. Got the 2.1 upgrade from VZW a couple of days ago…the live wallpapers are pretty cool. Haven’t had a chance to play around with anything else.

    If you want the 2.1 upgrade so bad just download and install the beta version going around…and quit whining.

  68. I still haven’t gotten the OTA update for my Eris… wondering if it will fix the fact that my screen always auto scrolls to the last one on the left. Anyone know when the coastal carolinas will get the 2.o for the Eris?????

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