Vodafone Getting Xperia X10 Mini!


vodax10min-300x300When Sony Ericsson announced the Xperia X10 Mini and the Xperia X10 Mini Pro there wasn’t any word of price or carrier. Even today, no announcements have been made. But browsing the MWC showroom floor, the folks at Fonehome spotted the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini at the Vodafone booth!

With that tidbit of evidence it’s pretty impossible to deny that Vodafone will be getting the Xperia X10 Mini. Logic would also say they’ll get the X10 Mini Pro but you never know in this crazy little place they call planet earth. We’re also not sure what other carriers might get the phone but if you’re a Vodafone customer hoping from the Mini, your hoping must have done some good. You read The Secret, didn’t you?

Rob Jackson
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  1. Judging from the lack of comments. This phone and it’s big brother have become less and less interesting. SE may be shooting themselves in the foot. HTC has really taken the spotlight of late.

  2. @ john…the reason for the lack of comments has nothing to do with the phones you idiot. give this thing a day and see how many people comment. you have to take in other variables than the phone man.

  3. I agree. I went nuts when it was announced – a Snapdragon Android?!

    But they seem to be coming thick and fast now. SE missed its window, I think! It’s UI will have to realllllly be something to attract much attention.

  4. Agreed. The X10 was interesting when I first heard about it, but it’s too far behind now to compete… and it hasn’t even been release yet.

    IMO, the only thing the X10 might still have going for it is the 4″ screen and snapdragon processor. Now they’re announcing this thing… a version of X10 without the 4″ screen and without snapdragon. Yep, shooting themselves in the foot is right!

  5. @ Colby
    Wow, settle down.

  6. @Colby Hey Jerkoff, wake up and realize they’re late to the party.

  7. The X10 would probably be more interesting if it came with 2.1 instead of promising it for “the future”. Working on their own UI is only a good thing if the UI rocks. Ask Samsung.

  8. I had the fortune to be able play around a bit with the mini and it is quite awesome. T9 works really well and it is really snappy.

  9. i work at a mobile phone company the one with the iphone in the US, and particulary i work in consumer data support (if something goes wrong with your phone and nobody can fix it you get transfered to me) and i have to say HTC is garbage, they really suck they break a lot, and it seems the only people that have them have no idea how to use their phone. I mean really after blackberry customers they’re the worst. if you want a business PDA type phone just get a blackberry, if your using it as a personally phone get an i phone, or something that has great features,UI, and you enjoy, but never a HTC. When the first HTC smart phones came to at&t they were branded at&t (like the Tilt) why do you think at&t dosn’t want there name on it now… and you can try to argue all you want but i the end of the day i take 8 calls a day 7 days a week, and i deal with atleast 1 HTC everyday, compare that to the market sahe and its retarded.

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