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T-Mobile UK Launching HTC Desire March 26th

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  1. Wow. I love both of these, and HTC ads always make me want them even more! I used to really love Apple ads, but HTC makes Apple’s white background seem kind of dull by comparison.

    Even if I can just get a 2.1 update on my Droid Eris next month I’ll be VERY happy!

  2. I like in the HTC Legend video where, at about 14 seconds, they’re showing the one-piece aluminum body, and the background voice says: “Now THAT’s an idea”'” – and the thought just shot into my head: “Now THAT’s an idea……. that we stole from Apple….”
    I like the aluminum unibody, which makes the phone look great, but c’mon guys, it’s not like it was divinely inspired, or you were just standing in the shower one day and a 5 season story arc just popped into your head (see Babylon 5, J. Michael Straczynski), ahhhh, but I digress….

  3. They are both looking really great

  4. I don’t like Legend much, but Desire is just awesome.
    As far as the metal is concerned, Apple never used it for a phone. And it’s not a real unibody, because it’s simply not uni enough.

  5. is the ledgend video just glitching out? or am the only who sees the bottom black part of the lip dissapearing? is it suggesting that is is removable?

  6. My only wish is that they came in an unlocked form.

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