Feb 16th, 2010

chouHTC CEO Peter Chou today confirmed that the HTC Droid Eris for Verizon, the HTC Hero for Sprint, and the HTC Hero for European markets will all be getting upgrades to Android 2.1. In addition, those phones with HTC Sense will be getting the improvements – such as Helicopter view – pushed to their phones.

While I’m sure HTC would be happy to make Android 2.1 and the newest HTC Sense available to customers in full, they made it clear that would ultimately be the carriers decision on what to include or disclude from the OTA updates. For example, a carrier may decide that features like Live Wallpapers use too much battery life or that they don’t want to include GPS Navigation in favor of their own navigation partner. These are just examples – let’s just hope our carriers grace us with as much as possible without slowing down our devices.

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