HTC Droid Eris & Hero Getting Android 2.1


chouHTC CEO Peter Chou today confirmed that the HTC Droid Eris for Verizon, the HTC Hero for Sprint, and the HTC Hero for European markets will all be getting upgrades to Android 2.1. In addition, those phones with HTC Sense will be getting the improvements – such as Helicopter view – pushed to their phones.

While I’m sure HTC would be happy to make Android 2.1 and the newest HTC Sense available to customers in full, they made it clear that would ultimately be the carriers decision on what to include or disclude from the OTA updates. For example, a carrier may decide that features like Live Wallpapers use too much battery life or that they don’t want to include GPS Navigation in favor of their own navigation partner. These are just examples – let’s just hope our carriers grace us with as much as possible without slowing down our devices.

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  1. YAAAAAYYY!!!! Soon please! Is there a list anywhere of all the changes that will happen between Sense 1.5 and Sense 2.1? (Both in terms of android changes and sense changes). Should be a lot of fun!

  2. I hope it comes soon

  3. I second the yay!

    Hopefully us in Asia get the updates very soon.

  4. once again companies will be deciding what we can and cant have.. if theirs a update to 2.1 it should come in full, or nothing at all.. that means you verizon

  5. They mention what quarter. Is it Q1 or Q2?

  6. Awesome I cant wait….. just wish u could get rid of the stupid sprint apps for more space

  7. YAY!!! Keep it comming!!! SOON!!!

  8. Sigh. No mention of Telus Hero.

  9. If this means my carrier (Orange UK) will push me the update and it gives me all of 2.1; ensures that no apps or data are lost; and it happens soon; this is great news! Not so sure about carriers pushing the update tho… in my experience this can means weeks of delays. I’d rather see it available on the HTC website and then wait for someone with the same phone and carrier as me to confirm it works fine!

  10. What about the TELUS Hero. It is basically an unbranded phone, should be an easy upgrade.

  11. I’m thrilled!!! I’ve got the unlocked version,so I guess I’ll get the full package… Awesome! That’s so awesome.

  12. soon as in Q1 of 2011

  13. What about the HTC Hero from Telus? :'(

  14. This update thing is torture!!! Dates keep moving and moving and moving, this sucks!

  15. These people need to shut the f*** up and make it happen. I’m tired of hearing every other week that such and such phone “will be upgraded to 2.x at some point.” Say when or say nothing. You don’t need to keep reminding us that you have no idea you’ll be pushing the upgrade to us. I cannot believe these buffoons run big companies.

  16. QUOTE “they made it clear that would ultimately be the carriers decision on what to include or disclude from the OTA update”. Well, for an OPEN system to allow the CARRIERS to decide what to do with EQUIPMENT I have PURCHASED and OWN is remarkable. There should be NO DUMBING DOWN of the equipment and if the handsets are crippled in any way from their capability then the US Attorney should be involved. Battery Life, gimme a break! I can understand items that have to do with SERVICES and the REVENUE potential, but BATTERY LIFE!?!?! Where do they get this stuff? I have yet to root my phone, but will with the drop of a hat if they CRIPPLE devices I OWN!!!


  18. I can’t wait for this update! I’m on Orange UK, but as soon as HTC release their build, the likes of Modaco will release nice clean custom builds with root. Can’t wait!

    The expected date for this is “March 2010”, so not long to wait now :D

  19. When it comes, I hope it will be worth the wait. As far as being at the mercy of carriers, I’m glad I rooted my Hero as soon as I got it. MoDaCo has proved that his custom ROM’s outstrip HTC’s ROM’s or any carrier based ROM’s in terms of speed and performance. I’ll stick with him.

  20. Found this a bit ago… guess this is what 2.1 looks like on a testers Eris…

  21. Please…hurry up…can`t wait…HTC are the best !…BOUT I WANT MY UPGRADE NOW…Pretty please.

  22. You know I never thought I would say this but I’m being edged towards the iPhone. Im an HTC Hero user and still on 1.5. At least when an iPhone update is released everyone gets it and nobodys left waiting in a jealous huff.

  23. Duncan, you do realise that this is because of the major hardware differences on the various different manufacturers phones on Android out there. Simply loading the software on to any phone would cause problems. The builds have to be tweaked to run correctly. Although this can be a pain, watching some get 2.1 and others not for several months, this shows how versatility the Android platform is, and why, unless Apple do something about it, Android will take over the market sooner or later. It is the vast array of phones running android, compared to the three Apple phones, that will change everything. The only thing Apple have an advantage on at present is their on-line market. The Android market place is growing though, so it’s just a matter of time.

  24. which one is better HTC HERO OR THE IPHONE and why??????????

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