Motorola XT800 Hits Shenzhen


It’s no news that I am a huge fan of my Motorola Droid and am loving the news coming out of Shenzhen, China of the Motorola XT800. It features a dual-SIM with one being CDMA and one being GSM. Interesting right? Seems like a neat feature to have stateside since we have both depending on your carrier.


The XT800 will set ya back a cool $830 and is stacked with the same OMAP3430 core used by the Droid. Check it out in action running on a beautiful 3.7-inch 854×480 screen.

Looks like another score for Motorola in China, but no news on a U.S. debut at this point. The most interesting thing is the dual SIM and I wonder how that might work with American carriers. What are your thoughts?

[via Engadget, MobileBurn]

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  1. nice, wanna get this in america…

  2. Looks nice! I’m SOOOO glad it doesn’t have that awful Blur. Customizable button? That’s also a cool idea. Record videos in HD and play them in HD on your big tv? Nice!
    Way to go, Moto. Now, when in the world is it coming to the states?!

  3. Great, built in CDMA and GSM with Android. more choice for customer to pick carrier up.

  4. I would love it because I could use Verizon in the USA and then use another carrier when I fly to Europe. :)

  5. THIS is THE phone i’ve been looking for! Great! DualSim+Android; i really hope this will come also to Europe. ;) They should make more dual sim device.

  6. Does this amazing! phone have HSDPA, or UMTS???

    Please tell me.

    If it does, i will buy 10 :P

  7. Yes it supports HSPDA and 3G.
    But I can’t find a single website which sells the phone :(

  8. Hi,

    @ Maarten,

    How do you know it does have HSDPA?

    (ben je nederlands, nederlandse naam:P?)

  9. great,we supply this modle phone.please view bomwin dot com

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