Feb 12th, 2010

Typically when you talk about going bigger, badder and faster you’re also talking about draining substantial battery life. Just the opposite in the case of the Dalvik Turbo virtual machine which was announced yesterday by OHA member Myriad Group AG:

Dalvik Turbo increases application execution speed by up to three times ‐ allowing OEMs and operators to bring smoother delivery and more complex applications to Android phones, while also providing substantial battery life improvements when running resource intensive tasks. It also enables developers to take full advantage of Android, allowing them to create games boasting advanced graphics and complex models while retaining full compatibility with existing software.

I know, I know – a bunch of you are wondering what the heck a Dalvik engine is and what its used for, right? Take a look at the Android OS architecture and just be content with realizing this stuff is probably over your head:


Well right now all Android Phones use a standard Dalvik engine, which is a virtual machine that applications/activities pass through, so an improvement here would be an improvement across the board. And a 3x speed improvement? All while saving battery life?

This could be huge and we’ll find out just how huge this upcoming week as the company promises to demonstrate Dalvik Turbo in action at Mobile World Congress February 15th to 18th.