Another 3G Nexus One OTA Coming?


footballA member of XDA Devs (Football) has posted a new Nexus One ROM called “Passion_Google_WWE_1.07.1700.1” that should of course include the “enter at your own risk” disclosure. While he didn’t provide a change log, members are already reporting that the new build has yet another radio, suggesting the updated version could be an attempt (again) to fix the 3G woes. Apparently the first update didn’t do the trick.

This is reportedly an official ROM that was leaked: the current build ere27 is and this is ERE36B. It’s still early in the game on this one, so we can’t be sure exactly what has changed or how accurate the radio claims are but I’m sure we’ll find out in due time. We’ll be following this one and now… you can too so let us know what you learn!

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  1. No love for all the ppl with touchscreen issues? Looks like returning my N1 was the correct choice.

  2. Nice thing about NOT getting the N1 to my carrier first? I don’t have to pay to beta test the thing.

    Actually, I am on Sprint so we probably wont have the N1 but fix this stuff so it won’t show up on the Supersonic :D

  3. Confirmed ….. flashed the radio.zip part of this update on my N1 and it works perfectly.

    You can find the radio.zip from Modaco’s forum.

  4. i dont know about you returning it… but I have no issues with the nexus(best device on the market IMHO) but hey thats just me.. and mines seems to be working just fine!

  5. Agree with jose, the Nexus One is the best device on the market. I’ve not had any issues and it’s crazy fast.

  6. I can honestly say that I have not had a single problem with my N1. I absolutely love this phone. Only limitation is the spotty TMobile 3G coverage. Maybe Google should buy TMobile since it looks like its for sale.

  7. I’m just waiting for it to officially come to the UK(I assume it’ll be a little cheaper than importing it) to order one.

    I don’t even care about 3G as I work from home and it’ll be using wifi for everything.

  8. You guys are either lucky or dont use your phone for extended periods of time. So stop by the following forum and let these ppl know the problem doesnt exist since your not seeing it on your perfect N1.


  9. Amen! This Nexus One rocks. It’s got some quirks, but overall, especially after flashing some of these fixes, it’s by far the best thing I’ve ever used.

  10. I’ve been using the Nexus One in Australia on the Three network for a week with zero issues. This is a great phone.

    The only issue I can see is when you touch that back of the phone at the bottom where the antenna is. Cupping your hand this way around the phone reduces the signal. The manual has a short note on that.

  11. @Khalid – doubt it will be cheaper direct from the UK (unless you’re buying subsidised from Vodafone)… US$ to GBP usually translates around 1:1 for some unknown and completely rubbish reason. I will happily be proved wrong when they finally get around to announcing the date.

  12. @Foley – You may have gotten a faulty device the first time around. There isn’t anything a software update can do about hardware that isn’t working correctly. That’s what the warranty is for. I’m just saying because there are a lot of us that don’t have any screen troubles, and your missing out on a sweet device.

  13. I will begin by saying the N1 is the best phone currently on the market by FAR. However, I can attest that I can duplicate the signal loss problem by cupping my hand at the bottom of the phone. I go from 3-4 bars to 0-1 bars just like that. Not interested in installing custom ROMs on it (already done that for a couple years with my iPhone and im just sick of the hassle), but I hope this new update fixes the problem.

  14. The new radio image in the upcoming OTA finally fixes the 3g issue for the remainder of the people who’ve had issues. There are also framework updates, RIL and audio layer updates. While the changes may not be as user visible as the last OTA, they will nonetheless be significant. Probably touchscreen fixes are in there, as well as a descent boost to battery life as noted by some xda members.

  15. Agree, the Nexus One runs circles around my friends iPhones. And I pay 30% less per month to boot! =) I’m one happy camper!

  16. I also agree…love my Nexus One. Some quirks but all phones have them.

    Never had a 3G issue with the phone from the day I got it. Maybe due to the fact that I’ve in a major urban area but then haven’t had much even when I wasn’t.

    No amount of software or hardware can fix if you don’t live near a 3G area. Some bunch of complaining nancy’s spoil the whole lot is what I say.

  17. Put me in the love the phone camp. I haven’t had 3G issues at all. The phone has worked great for me. I love the features. However, if the OTA makes the phone work better…great.

  18. Everyone made such a big deal out of the multitouch, but while it’s a nice feature, I really don’t see why it’s a big deal. Just hit the + or – button if you need to see the text better. Everyone made more out of this feature than was needed. Not that big of a deal.

  19. i look forward to a real fix to the 3G issue. the last OTA didn’t do it for me. If people are having success with the new radio in the newest ROM then i sincerely hope Goog gets it right the second time around. But besides occaisionally dealing with crappy EDGE speeds, I have to admit I love watching iphone-tards look at the N1 enviously….so funny. At this point in time, the iphone looks like a dated unimaginative toy. ummmm, multitasking!!! they just don’t get it in here !! Wooo-hoooooo!!!!

  20. no issues here either my phone locks on 3G like a convicted felon behind bars

  21. @9ooyan,

    Sorry to tell you but you must have been born yesterday, because in 3 months the N1 will look like the same dated unimaginative toy to those who will have the newest released supersonic, or HD2 or whatever else new thing is out. N1 was nothing ground breaking, its just another phone in a long line of phones out there.

  22. @Foley thanks for the advice. I just left a note saying that my perfect N1 doesn’t have that issue.

    But thanks for actually trying to help find a solution to the issue by returning your N1. I’m sure that’ll fast-track a solution to the problem smh.

  23. @swazedahustla

    In case you hadn’t noticed, EVERY tech gadget becomes obsolete as technology advances; the Nexus will be no different. But for now, it’s the best damn smartphone you can buy. And maybe, just maybe, some inroads will be made in breaking up the cellphone/carrier cartel that makes us overpay for service on subsidized phones… And yeah, that WOULD be groundbreaking.

  24. I’m not really sure what anyone expects when they purchase a device like this. I wanted a device that has a large touch screen – check, not too bulky or heavy but not cheap and plastic – check, 3G and wifi – check, android os – check. The rest is gravy – like the ability to put custom roms, download apps from market, etc. As both android 2.1 and the phone itself are just months old I expected a few kinks and am confident they will be worked out. This is a very powerful phone that wont be left behind too quickly as android os evolves. Some sound advice: nothing is perfect so if its faulty, swap it or send it for repair like you would with any other purchase, lower your expectations a little (it’s not a desktop gaming machine or rack server), and most of all appreciate and enjoy this incredible piece of technology.

  25. I hope this fixes more than just the 3G connectivity problem. A couple other items they should fix/improve are:

    – POP3 doesn’t work on Nexus One. You’ll get your messages, and then when you refresh, they disappear for no good reason.

    – Can’t add birthdays to Contact info. There really should be a birthday field for Contacts, and it should be integrated with the Calendar as well.

  26. I totally agree. A birthday field needs to be added for contacts and integrated with the calendar.

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