Moto Devour Full Launch March 15th!


BGR has brought us some of the latest leaks from Verizon with some internal documentation that shows a launch to all channels in March.


For those of you who haven’t heard or seen the specs, here ya go:

  • Slide-Out QWERTY Keyboard
  • 3.1” HVGA, 320 x 480, 65K colors
  • Bluetooth
  • 3.0 Megapixel camera
  • Android 1.6 with MOTOBLUR
  • 8GB microSD card pre-installed on-device. Up to 16GB microSD optional removable memory
  • WiFi Capable
  • aGPS capable for E911 emergency location/sGPS
  • Memory (Flash/RAM): 512MB/256MB
  • 3.5mm Headset Jack


With a rumored price point around the $100 mark, the Moto Devour should be another great device for Big Red. Anyone out there picking up this bad boy?

[via BGR]

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  1. 3.1″ HVGA, 320 x 480… no thanks.

  2. Yes. After the droid, this is the Motorola phone we will remember. It’s stylish, high quality, premium materials, easy to use, yet it will offer the full power of the android system. I like it.

  3. Of course nothing Motorola introduces will trump the Droid at this point. Why try to one up a new device that is selling like hotcakes and making $$$ with another “more” powerful device? The Devour looks like it can definetly make an impression for people that love to socialize and make there social networking dreams come true on the Verizon network. MotoBlur is being introduced to Verizon with a decent & capable mobile device. Trust me as a MotoBlur user myself (Moto Cliq-Tmobile) these will sell for sure!

  4. No, I’d rather just get the Droid since it is head and shoulders above in specs. If I could I’ll just wait till the Nexus comes to Verizon, but since I’m dreaming I might as well wait to see if the Bravo makes its way to VZW; it looks like a sexier version of the Nexus with a few extra hardware keys that would make it more G1-ish. Plus I’m kind of digging the optical track pad :)

  5. I’m kind of interested in the fact that it advertises itself as having flash lite built in. I guess that means we might have a potential deadline.

  6. I believe that those of us who are going on to phandroid will most likely not begetting this phone, but those teens unbiased to android looking for a cheap cool phone from VZW will be the ones to buy up these phones.

  7. What’s up with the keyboard. Sucks!!

  8. Sure its Droid lite but its still another phone out by moto and picked up by Verizon. Sprint is still hanging on to their only 2 android phones with pride.

  9. Being that this will be running Android 1.6 I wonder if Google maps will work. I thought I saw somewhere that it did work with that Android OS.

  10. I need a droid with Snapdragon, 512 RAM, AMOLED, and a useful Cam. :)

  11. With feature phones still outselling smartphones, this will be a great way to capture that audience. most people still will not pay over 100 for a phone. since this is not an ordinary feature phone should have a one up.

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