Garmin-Asus A50 Navigates to Europe In 2010


More news from this year’s MWC is the collaboration of Garmin and ASUS to bring us the A50. It claims to have “more location technology than any other smartphone” Here is what we have seen thus far in terms of specs for the A50:

  • 3.5-inch HVGA
  • Capacitive touchscreen
  • Custom, finger-friendly UI
  • 4GB of internal storage with microSD expansion
  • Accelerometer
  • 3MP camera

The A50 comes with Garmin’s turn by turn navigation, lane assist, and maps. It ships with a car mount a car charger and is ready to go right out of the box. The A50 has, wait for it…………MULTITOUCH, we know how you all love that!  The A50 is rumored to launch in Europe in the first half of 2010, no word on US arrivals but will keep you posted. Anyone still waiting for a Garmin device? Seems quite promising and I’m sure the navigation interface will be superior to our carhome app. What do you all think?


[via Engadget]

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  1. what does this have to do with android? this phone would of been nice to have pre-g1, bu tnow its just a regular old cell phone with fancy gps…

  2. isn’t it build ontop of android OS?

  3. Assuming that it is built on top of Android(Androinica thinks so – http://androinica.com/2010/02/11/garmin-asus-android-phone-is-a-gps-device-that-happens-to-have-a-phone/)

    Google just got a major win.
    Why? They challenged the Sat-nav companies to be better. Not only did one of them do it, but they did it using Google’s technology.

  4. Sorry about the link not working. I found it on a Google search result, but now it’s directing to another phone’s page.

  5. If it’s anything like the Nuviphone on AT&T I’ll pass. That phone really sucks.

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