Feb 11th, 2010

aol_running_manI started using AOL Instant Messenger a LONG time ago… back when seventy-billion AOL dial-up CDs were exploring the planet on retail countertops everywhere. For some reason, I’ve never let it go. Even with Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, MSN, ICQ and whatever other options you throw at me, I’ve never let go of AIM and still find it to be the best chatting/communication experience and I’m almost always online. Given that, it is expected that when I heard that AIM for Android was published to the Market as a free app, I was excited.

A quick look as I download it for the first time:

One of the most exciting parts for ME is that AOL integrates FACEBOOK CHAT into AIM so you can message your Facebook friends directly from your account. That’s something even the Facebook For Android Application can’t do! I’m guessing that will come soon to the native Facebook app but yeah… I think it’s time to delete all my other instant message applications. My only problem is that some people use Skype chat, others use this, that and the other.

The competition goes on… Google Buzz launches and one day later, AIM and Facebook team up. The only thing constant is change!

[Via AndroidForums]