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aol_running_manI started using AOL Instant Messenger a LONG time ago… back when seventy-billion AOL dial-up CDs were exploring the planet on retail countertops everywhere. For some reason, I’ve never let it go. Even with Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, MSN, ICQ and whatever other options you throw at me, I’ve never let go of AIM and still find it to be the best chatting/communication experience and I’m almost always online. Given that, it is expected that when I heard that AIM for Android was published to the Market as a free app, I was excited.

A quick look as I download it for the first time:

One of the most exciting parts for ME is that AOL integrates FACEBOOK CHAT into AIM so you can message your Facebook friends directly from your account. That’s something even the Facebook For Android Application can’t do! I’m guessing that will come soon to the native Facebook app but yeah… I think it’s time to delete all my other instant message applications. My only problem is that some people use Skype chat, others use this, that and the other.

The competition goes on… Google Buzz launches and one day later, AIM and Facebook team up. The only thing constant is change!

[Via AndroidForums]

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  1. Yea see even though facebook for android doesn’t intergrate chat like its iphone cousin, there is eBuddy. It has all major chat clients like AIM MSN ICQ GTalk Facebook and Myspace chat all in one. And get this…. ITS FREE IN THE MARKET! So yea and AIM app really isn’t that exciting when there where AIM alternitives in the market since 1.1……

  2. Im loving it. I got rid of ebuddy and only use gtalk and the new aim app. Beautiful! The only problem i’m having is i can setup the facebook portion. It won’t allow me to even click on it. oh well

  3. Wont play sound on my droid… :(

  4. @Terrell – download the new AIM beta and activate it on your desktop. It will activate it on the android app.

  5. Can’t really get giddy over a official AIM app for android. There are other apps in the market that access AIM just fine like….. eBuddy! Just think and I’M client that has…. AIM ICQ MSN GTalk Myspace and even *drumroll*….. FACEBOOK! Yaysies, believe it or not the app is actually free *gasps*. So to say the least AOL is late to the android parade….

  6. figured it out. Beautiful

  7. Looking good on my G1. Got rid of HiAIM

  8. You know, looking around AOL’s website and message boards, I see no mention whatsoever about any android app released by them leading me to question how “official” this and the moviefone app are that were released today on the market.

  9. People actually still use AIM?

  10. @detheduck

    See for AIM Android. It’s the real deal.

  11. Interface much nicer than Meebo. Made the switch, thanks for the heads-up!

  12. QR CODE
    How many times must I ask?

  13. AOL is like a virus. There is a CD in every magazin you can find. It pops up in your mailbox every now and then. And once you install it, you can’t get rid of it unless you are a techie. I second Joe’s comment.

  14. Is it just me, or was AIM available in the IM app pre-1.6? I could’ve sworn it was on there when I got my phone with 1.1, but I just never used it. I never saw the point when all those I would chat with are on GTalk now anyway. Maybe I’m imagining, but I really seem to remember there being three major IM apps within the one IM or Chat app that came on the older Android OS (Yahoo, GTalk and AIM I thought).

  15. As long as it stays connected, unlike eBuddy, where every time I headed back to it, it would have to sign back in and id get yet anything IM from the AOL system manager about being signed on is several locations.

    I also hope this isn’t a resource/battery hog, but that one I’m not gonna hold my breathe on.

  16. The big question, Is this 100% over data and not texts with all the different features?

  17. its pronounced A.I.M., not like the word “aim” like aiming a gun

  18. The Facebook Chat feature isn’t highlighted for me to add my info…is anyone else having this problem? I’m using a G1.

  19. lol…never mind. I see I have to enable it from

  20. its about time AOL puts AIM up on the market!! i have been waiting a long time for this cuz im tired of HIAIM it kills my battery!

  21. I just use Meebo for Android. I get AIM, Yahoo, Live, and GMail. No need for this little AIM app.

  22. YES! I can finally get rid of Meebo.

  23. I didn’t know if anyone mentioned this already, but you can use the Meebo app for Facebook chat. It’s actually the only reason I have Meebo installed is to use Facebook chat.

  24. Where is this app, its not in the market. even going to AIM website and using barcode or from android will not find in market still.

    i even got a new email today about aim saying its mobile again and you still cant download it anywhere for android? they even updated the site for the android download i dont understand it.

    if anyone can find out how to download this or where please tell me, it will not show in the android market no matter what.

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