Oberon Media Will Release 20+ Android Games in 2010



Oberon Media, along with its publishing group I-play, anticipates releasing 20+ Android games in 2010.

Keith Adair, I-play’s global VP of sales and marketing for mobile, has found multiple advantages in Android being that not only can games be found in the Android Market, but carriers can also launch their own portals.

“We see a big opportunity on the carrier side. I don’t believe that the Google marketplace will be the only interesting channel for Android content.” says Adair.

Oberon and i-Play plan to launch several games including titles such as Fast & Furious, Deal or No Deal and Bubble Town. In addition, some games will have multi-player functionality, similar to that of Homerun Battle 3D.

For the full article and interview head over to mocoNews and check out what else Oberon and iPlay have in store for Android. Once again, with the release of all the games, apps and phones for Android, it seems to me that 2010 will be the year of ANDROID!

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  1. Sounds like a plan. Seems like the only thing that the iTool has over us now is games.

  2. iTool ? iHilarious ! :-)))))))))

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