New myTouch 3G Coming Today?


For those of you waiting for the new myTouch, today might be your day. The myTouch 3G with 3.5mm jack was phone was rumored to launch, today, February 10th and T-Mobile posted it to their site this morning.


New additions to the phone include:

No price has been officially shown but we can only guess as the original myTouch 3G went for $149 with a 2 year contract. Currently, the new myTouch comes with Android 1.6 but will probably be upgraded to Android 2.1 within the new couple of months, like many other devices. Some unboxing pics can be found here. Anyone planning on monitoring the T-Mobile site all day to see when they go on sale live? We will keep you updated when we find the new myTouch 3G for sale live from T-Mobile’s site.

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  1. why would someone want this phone when the hd2 is coming out?

  2. by the way the htc hd2 will be weak because of the os. they shouldve made it a android device with the same specs. Gigantic Fail by Htc

  3. Why would someone want this phone at all? I guess if it was 2009 then it might be worth getting.

  4. Maybe they want a phone upgrade discount on a family plan and hate Blur and TouchWiz/Cube.

  5. this is crap!!! its the same as the reg. mytouch!!! everyone is copying android!!!! the first android phones were the g1 and mytouch and everyone copies them!!! the htc magic…. reallyy?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  6. It’s simply someone that would rather more RAM and a 3.5mm jack and in the market for an Android phone with TMO. Unfortunately, it’s currently the best TMO vanilla Android device. The Behold II has slightly more RAM, but isn’t vanilla Android (great for rooting).

  7. @mytouchluvvaaa your stupid the htc magic was before the mt3g t-mobile got it from that phone and its not the same do you have a head phone jack on your original mt3g cause i dont i just have an adapter so just sit down and shut up jr

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