G Is For Gingerbread


gingerbreadAnyone who closely follows the future of Android knows that development builds are referred to by incrementally alphabetic desserts – Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo. So that makes “G” the next unknown, right? Well Brian Swetland, an Android Kernel expert, recently told us to run, run as fast as we can, we can’t catch him he’s the gingerbread man!

This week we’re finalizing our move to 2.6.32 for the Android “Froyo” release, and we’ll likely be on .33 or .34 for “Gingerbread”.

Yup, the next version of Android is codenamed Gingerbread! The next unknown is now “H” – any guesses? We threw out “Gelato” for G and “Honey” for H (see the list) but it seems like Google is going the route of baked goods.

[ Brian Swetland via AndroidAndMe]

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  1. Hazelnut something… Hazelnut Bar

  2. hot chocolate or cocoa?

  3. or better yet, hot fudge.
    Now I’m making myself hungry. Hah

  4. If you knew anything about linux (given this is a blog about a linux based phone) you’d know that only even numbered kernel versions are deemed stable.

  5. FroYo is not a baked good, so it doesn’t necessarily have to be in that category

  6. I was hoping G would be “gâteau” or something.

    If Froyo is short for “frozen yoghurt” it’s hardly a baked good (is it?), but I dunno, Hot bun maybe ;)

  7. hot fudge sundae
    homemade ice cream

  8. Hoagie

  9. Wait.. What build is Froyo? 2.1?

  10. Honey! or Honey Graham!

  11. Hurts Donut

  12. honeybun

  13. called it! As for H, whatever it is it must be delicious, concise and look cute as a statue. Honey is all i can think of, but i don’t think thats a very good one

  14. Hammer time
    or heese cake :P

  15. helicopter!

  16. hazelnut or hashbrown…maybe android will start going for food in general instead of deserts

  17. Yes, I like helicopter. that is my favorite pastry. Honey bun though is the best guess I got. huckleberry pie?

  18. Hot Cakes?

  19. HUMMUS!!

  20. Its rumoured to be Honeycomb

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