HTC Incredible Pictures Leak!


The good old HTC Incredible isn’t doing such an incredible job at remaining secretive. The folks at PocketNow were able to get their hands on a bunch of pretty darn good pictures of the upcoming Android Phone and there is also a video floating around:

The rumored/assumed specs that came along with the leak/tip:

  • Android 2.1
  • HTC Sense
  • Snapdragon CPU
  • 256MB of RAM
  • 3.5-3.7″ WVGA screen
  • AMOLED (probably)
  • Optical mouse pointer
  • dual LED flash

This does sound pretty darn incredible… doesn’t look bad either. Will it launch with that fire engine red back cover or do you think that’s just a test device?

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  1. This phone looks sweet I def cant wait until this phone is out!

  2. I’ll be sold if it doesnt launch with that ugly backing. I have a storm 1 now and dear god I cant wait to get rid of it for something sexy like this. Hows the HTC keyboard on their touch devices?

  3. Does this affect Sprint releasing the Supersonic in any way? Looks like the same phone… at least according to the leaked pics from a few weeks ago.

  4. I would take the one of the settings screen down, somebody’s going to get fired for it.

  5. Been holding out on getting a new phone for the Nexus One on VZW, but this might be just as good. My contract isn’t up till May anyway, so I have some time to evaluate.

  6. I stopped reading at 256MB of RAM!! FAIL!!

  7. meh, 256Mb eh, why not throw 512 in this bi tch?

  8. I have been waiting for a great Verizon Phone for so long. I passed on the Moto Droid but considered the HTC Droid ERIS. Now I am just waiting for Nexus One but the HTC Incredible might move into the running as well.

  9. stuff like this makes me glad i have verizon….i currently have the droid eris and the only thing i don’t like about it is the screens kinda small and it can lag a little bit, this phone would fix both of those problems….can’t wait till this comes out…even if it has that ugly back cover

  10. It does have a track-pad :D

  11. That phone is too big for the screen. It’s either too long or the screen is smaller, like the possibly stated 3.5″ (which would be a failure in itself). Either way, disappointing. Nexus One wins hands down on appearance and form factor, for a phone with a large display. Verizon craps the bed again.

  12. @Drew: one thing I’ve noticed about HTC is that they have a tendency of releasing different named phones that have identical specs, but meant for separate carriers. For example, HTC Hero for Sprint, and Droid Eris for Verizon. They have the same specs, they’re both basically the same phone, but they have different exterior shells and are marketed on different providers. This phone (HTC Incredible) and the HTC Supersonic are probably going to fall into the same marketing strategy. Even the names sound almost synonymous. INCREDIBLE and SUPERSONIC!

  13. No, I doubt it, the supersonic is heavily thought to be the twin of the hd2, which doesn’t fit the screen, body, or size specs of the Incredible. What I don’t understand is why verizion is getting two almost identicle phones, both by htc…

  14. I switched from many years of BlackBerry use. Had an iPhone and this is the perfect alternative. All the benefits of the Verizon networks coverage and reliability and almost as many cool apps as the iPhone.

    The keyboard works well but takes some getting used to. I chose it because it was smaller and better looking than the Motorola Droid. All in all very happy with this phone and would strongly recommend.

  15. @Pope: I agree with you, mostly, but I would like to point out that while the Droid Eris has a proximity sensor, the Hero does not. Other than that, they are indeed virtually identical. I too hope the red back goes away (or a black aftermarket one comes out to replace it), but this is definitely going to be my next phone this November, once my 1-year contract with my Eris has ended. I’ll probably get a 2-year this time, since the phone probably won’t be so underpowered.

  16. If it’s true the HTC Incredible is only going to have 256mb of ram—I see that as being very problematic as the Nexus One has 512mb and still there are reports of the N1 freezing up; remember these are multitasking phones.

  17. why is this the only new android phone from htc that comes with 256 RAM… retarded. Verizon sucks, they dont care about phones, they just wanna put their big V on it and put there preloaded crap on it. Vcast and rhapsody and bunch of shit. Thats why they wont ever get an iphone. I have the storm worst phone ever. They better update the RAM.


  19. I seen other sites saying 512mb ram not 256. I think others r right. But since VZ doesn’t announce anything on this atm, everyone is speculating. All the new “good” phones coming out r 512

  20. Thank you.. it’s the reason I came to the site,lucy

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