Feb 8th, 2010 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 4:22 pm

The good old HTC Incredible isn’t doing such an incredible job at remaining secretive. The folks at PocketNow were able to get their hands on a bunch of pretty darn good pictures of the upcoming Android Phone and there is also a video floating around:

The rumored/assumed specs that came along with the leak/tip:

  • Android 2.1
  • HTC Sense
  • Snapdragon CPU
  • 256MB of RAM
  • 3.5-3.7″ WVGA screen
  • AMOLED (probably)
  • Optical mouse pointer
  • dual LED flash

This does sound pretty darn incredible… doesn’t look bad either. Will it launch with that fire engine red back cover or do you think that’s just a test device?

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