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xperia-x10Seeing as how the Xperia X10 was SUPPOSED to be launched by now, you would expect that mostly everything about the device – expect for launch date and price – would be known. Well people still have questions… and Sony Ericsson has answers. The main questions (and answers) are about Android OS version (1.6 but it will be upgraded) and multi-touch (not on launch but with upgrade) but there are DOZENS more.

Check out the full list of Q&A (scroll down) on tweakers.net (translated to english).

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  1. And this aren’t all the answers =)
    We are still waiting for part 2 of the answers!!

  2. Could someone explain to me what is the big deal about multitouch???

  3. Its intuitive and easy.

  4. It’s a nice option, and particularly convenient for manipulating pictures and maps. It’s a base response to an image that is too small. MT, double-tap, pull-down, all nice options. Devices need to get more base in how humans use them, but to actually become more base, they must be more intelligent. Human response to complex devices. Usability. Intuitive controls. That’s why MT is a “big deal”, but it doesn’t define the best interaction, just one that is obvious. Touch the device and use obvious controls.

  5. So was looking at some of the translated Q&A…I love how SE’s response to all of the update questions are: Competition considerations, we can not give information on contents of the upgrades of the Xperia X10 :@

  6. To bad that they basicly still talked around most of the important questions, which leaves much room for speculation…

  7. I don’t trust SE. Look at how they abandoned the Xperia X1. It wasn’t out very long before X2 was announced and they won’t upgraded it because of that. I bet when the next X11 (or whatever they’ll call it) is announced, the early adopters will again be left out in the cold. If not for XDA Developers Xperia X1 users would really be mad.

  8. GZ that sounds scary there….and for a min thyis phone was in my sight of desire…..

  9. “Seeing as how the Xperia X10 was SUPPOSED to be launched by now”.

    SE has always said that the X10 is to be released during Q1.

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