Comparing Faces: What Android Phone Screen Is Best?


Putting all the other specs aside, which screen is best across all Android phones? Many would choose the 3.7-inch screen on the Nexus One, but unlike number-backed specs, video playback and overall look/feel of a screen are mostly conclusions of opinion. But evidence always helps and that’s what the guys from HDBlog (translated to English) came up with:

The contestants?

  • MyTouch 3G
  • HTC Hero
  • Motorola Milestone/Droid
  • Acer Liquid
  • Nexus One
  • Samsung Galaxy

Who do you think comes out the winner?

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  1. Nexus One beats all including the Droid.

  2. have to admit the nexus looked the best to me. but, side-by-side, the acer had a blue hue, the nexus a red, and the droid a green one. so take the video images with a grain of salt. all i know is my droid has no visible color tint when using my human eyes

  3. My Hero is definitely brighter than that o.O

  4. They all have great picture quality. The way the phones are set up one would assume that the Nexus One has the better screen, nut if you put either other phone in hte middle, that phone would look to have the better screen. All six phones have great screens, just the larger screens look better because of the field of view. You can not go wrong with either phone.

  5. The Nexus One would be best because it has OMLED backlight. It brings colors more to lifelike. But we have to take into consideration the camera used also. But, it can vary on the Droid. My boyfriend’s screen is more blue than mine.

  6. The Droid has the highest resolution of all, including the Nexus One.

  7. HTC Supersonic hands down!!!!!

  8. @Summerfish: OMLED is not backlit. It is an Organic LED display instead of passing light through an LCD.

  9. I don’t know why people bother recording screens and putting them online. First problem is the camera’s CCD or CMOS censor. Some are better quality than others and can therefore capture color and contrast closer to the human eye (but rarely anywhere near as good as). Also, they tend to exaggerate certain primary colors, so if something is slightly blue live, it may look overly blue through the camera.

    Next is the video compression which is typically lossy, especially for web, so there’s more color and contrast information thrown out.

    Finally, you’re computer monitor may not be as good as the screens you’re looking at. For example, unless you have a really good CRT, you’re not going to see the amazing contrast of the N1’s AMOLED screen. Also, I’m sure the DROID’s (all actually, but more-so on the DROID) pixel density is higher than the camera’s CCD/CMOS and your monitor’s, so you are perceiving the fine detail of the screen.

    If you want to compare, go to the freakin’ stores and check out the screens for yourself. Don’t base your decision on online videos.

  10. The nexus one of course! I have a hero and droid, my friend has the Nexus one and it is much nicer/brighter, the droids so called higher resolution doesn’t mean anything. Coming from a Droid owner

  11. @sergio The screen of the N1 has a amazing detail in its images. You are sooo right. And the screen is bright and nice looking. But it does give me trouble on daylight :(

  12. The moment is the best and isn’t even on the list

  13. What about the Samsung Moment! It Has a Beautiful 3.2in AMOLED screen, 800mhz processor with android 1.5 slowing it down and a NICE QWERTY keyboard. When the Moment gets the 2.1 update with its 800 mhz processor, AMOLED screen and roomy keyboard, it will be a formidable device. Everyone is sleeping on this device. Better wake up!

  14. I agree Chris. The Samsung Moment has a vivid high contrast AMOLED screen, and the fastest processor of anyphone currently on the market. ( hear that Droid, Hero, & Nexus One users ) Moment users will be getting the android 2.1 update making it the best visual mobile phone bar none

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