HTC Droid Eris Source Code Published


HTC DesireThe good folks at HTC have been pretty consistent about getting the Kernel Source Code and Binaries of their Android Phones out there into the public realm. While most Android users have no need/use for them, this equips the Android hackers and modders with the stuff they need to create customized builds and goodies for rooted phones. And at the most basic level, it gives them a better understanding of how HTC does what they does (purposeful typo).

The code was released today and you can download it in a 63.7MB file. Head over to the HTC Developer page to snag it. Snap to it devs… and does what you does best!

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  1. You geniuses figure out how to put 2.1 on this thing already! LOL.

  2. so this means root is coming soon right? C’mon people way smarter than me. Get this done fast.

  3. There is a dev team that is working on root right now. Looking through the source, I see a few ways it could be done, but I haven’t seen any gaping holes yet.

  4. its about time

  5. How about a nice little conspiracy theory. That HTC releases the code to SEE what the Dev’s do with it. That HTC looks to see if they uncover or come up with creative fixes and then incorporate them in it’s own release/update??? hahaha… I’m no tone for this type of theory, it just makes sense!


  6. @COOL

    that’s the POINT of open source, if you make any changes you must release the changes to the public.

    if HTC benefits from the community making fixes, they have every right to use the new code. don’t you see the cycle that open source intends? HTC release the code, community changes it, community releases changes, HTC have the option to use it, HTC can release new changed code again…..etc…etc

    it’s how Open source code evolves.

  7. HTC releases this code because they are legally obligated to by the Linux kernel’s license (GPL).

  8. Whatever it may be conspiracy theory or letting the dev’s team working rooting this thing.. I just like the sound of this.. gona see some good things coming our way soon as dev’s get on with this..

  9. Any chance this might help make it easier to get Android onto the HD2?

  10. Its not a typo if its purposeful ya know.

  11. @ AGx-07_162, he was referring to the part where he said “HTC Does what they does”

  12. Thanks, appreciate the information….

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